Brenda Volling, Lois Wladis Hoffman Collegiate Professor of Psychology

How Do Fathers Matter for Young Children's Development? Let Me Count the Ways!

Abstract: Fathers express a strong desire to be a part of their children’s lives, to develop close emotional relationships with their children, and to be the best dads possible. Yet, they also report that most services and public spaces are mother-centric and not father-friendly, and that fathers are often viewed as secondary caregivers, babysitters, or optional parents in the lives of children. Although many studies focus on men’s engagement in housework and childcare (e.g., dressing, feeding, and taking children to the doctor), there is so much more to what fathers (and parents) do with children that can facilitate young children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and language development. Professor Brenda Volling will highlight the many ways in which fathers contribute to children’s development through their interactions and the activities they do with children. 

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