From left to right: Herbert Zimiles (Affiliated Emeritus Faculty), and University of Michigan Psychology Emeritus Faculty - Mel Manis, Gene Burnstein, George Rosenwald, and Elliot Valenstein

Did you take a class from any of these Psychology faculty members during your years at the University of Michigan?

The East Hall Psychology ROMEO group (Retired Old Men Eating Out) had its start about 10 years ago when Gene Burnstein, Mel Manis, and George Rosenwald met for regular Friday lunches at Good Time Charlie's, on South U.  Some of them are still nostalgic about the tasty Cream of Broccoli soup served there. But after the establishment was remodeled, the group moved around the corner to Pizza House on Church Street. 

They were soon joined by Herb Zimiles, Elliot Valenstein, and the late Robert Green, a retired Medical School professor. Don Brown was also an occasional guest before he moved to Baltimore.  Charlie Butter and John Hagen joined them a couple of times.  Eventually the music got too loud at Pizza House and interfered with easy communication.  So they gladly moved to the current venue -- the Faculty Lounge on the second floor in East Hall.

Conversation glides smoothly from current political events to psychological research to the joys of aging and, last but not least, to the overall condition of our culture and, in brief, the world.  Only two topics are frowned upon -- "organ recitals" (e.g., the state of one's digestive system or of one's knees) and the latest accomplishments of one's brilliant grandchildren.  However, it is reported that this embargo has been violated once or twice.

So if you're around campus on a Friday, you might stop by the faculty lounge and see one of your former Psych professors!

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