In a presidential year – as adults navigate the constant turmoil of American politics, the children around them are taking notice.

Kids ask difficult questions no matter the time of year, but those that they ask during election season – with stakes so high – may seem especially tricky to navigate.

This hour, how to talk to kids about the upcoming election and politics.

  • Deborah Rivas-Drake: Ph.D., Professor of Education and Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan

  • Christia Spears Brown: Ph.D., Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence and Professor of Developmental, Social, and Health Psychology, University of Kentucky

  • Rikesha L. Fry Brown: Ph.D., co-founder and Executive Director of the African American Honors Collective and Adjunct Professor, Clark Atlanta University

  • Melissa Santos: Ph.D., Division Head, Pediatric Psychology, Connecticut Children’s

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