If you’ve ever read a job position description and felt completely unqualified, you’re not alone. In the current economic climate, nearly half of Americans are out of work. This means the competition is fiercer than ever. But what if I told you, all you’re missing is a “qualified mindset”? What I mean by this is that you need to adopt the confidence in yourself to trust that you have passions, interests, strengths and values to offer the world. Because it’s true. You are more qualified than you realize.

The first step to landing a virtual job? Stop spending the bulk of your time sending in cold applications. The fact is 85 percent of jobs are found through networking. Let’s increase your chances by taking these four actions to help you land a job opportunity. The best part? You can complete every single one of these steps from the comfort of your couch.

Action 1. Feed your hangry soul
The job search can be ruthless, with zero replies or straight up rejection, and it can sting. When I was rejected from three magazine internships, I started to think that I wasn’t good enough for the entire industry. In fact, I felt like a total failure. According to a study by five psychology professors, when we face rejection, our brain perceives it the same as pain. One of the study's creators, Ethan Kross, a professor of psychology at University of Michigan, told me, "Rejection hurts and unmanaged self-esteem plummets."

That’s why it’s so important to build your qualified mindset, starting with your passion. Yes, that’s right, identifying what you actually want to do. Set aside 20 minutes to write down what you enjoy and what lights up your world. Have you ever felt like you were starving to make an impact? It’s human nature to seek meaningful work. In this case, go toward the light.

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