Donald C. Pelz, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, and Research Scientist Emeritus in the Institute for Social Research, died February 27, 2016 at the age of ninety-four. Professor Pelz received his B.A. degree from Swarthmore College in 1942, his M.A. degree from State University of Iowa in 1944, and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Michigan in 1952.Professor Pelz’s most widely cited research focuses on productiveclimates for research and development in university, industrial, and government laboratories. A major book, Scientists in Organizations (co-authored with F. Andrews), has been translated into Russian and Japanese and has been designated a “citation classic” by the Institute ofScientific Information because of the frequency with which it has been cited by other authors. In 1962, he was appointed Associate Professor of Psychology; he was promoted to Professor in 1967. He was an advisor in survey research methods to the Indian Institute of Public Administration in New Delhi from 1964-1966. He retired from active faculty status in 1987, but continued his leadership role in the local Grey Panthers (now Public Citizens of Washtenaw) working for economic and social injustice. Professor Pelz is survived by four children Erica, Stephanie, Jeff, and Jonathan and six grandchildren, Rachel, Maddie, Megan, William, Nathaniel, and Aaron.