Denise Sekaquaptewa was selected as the recipient of the 2022 Department of Psychology Graduate Mentoring Award. The selection committee was amazed and moved by the nominations submitted by Dr. Sekaquaptewa's mentees. A small sampling from those nominations is below: 

"Denise has been a great advisor to me during my time here, meeting with me as regularly as I need and always thinking deeply about my ideas. She shows concern for my holistic development, checking in on my well-being and offering financial support during the summer months. She also fosters a supportive lab environment where we comfortably share our ideas, no matter the state, and receive great feedback."

"Denise is one of those mentors who can easily adapt her mentoring style to different students, and be as supportive and helpful as the student needs .... Denise is also a huge advocate of DEI service and research, and I have also witnessed her commitment to DEI in her mentoring style. She is a very respectful and inclusive advisor, especially for a woman of color like myself (and many others in her lab). Furthermore, she has supported my research which focuses on graduate students and faculty advisors' mentorship relationships! She cares about making those mentorship experiences better for graduate students and faculty, especially students who are heavily underrepresented in academia." 

Congratulations, Denise, and thank you for your incredible work in support of our graduate students!