Ram Mahalingam is featured on the Point of View Podcast and discusses mindfulness and social justice.

Stephanie Domet: I’m Stephanie Domet, an editor at Mindful magazine and a writer and podcast producer for mindful.org. This is a special edition of “The Point of View” podcast featuring Mindful magazine and mindful.org founding editor Barry Boyce in conversation with Rhonda Magee, Ram Mahalingam, and Mirabai Bush.

When we talk about racial literacy and understanding implicit bias we get one kind of reaction. But things can get more pointed when we talk about white privilege, white supremacy and so on. It’s maybe the power and danger of calling it out—the power, perhaps, comes from truth telling, and the danger may come from labeling of someone as being on one side of a divide. And it’s a place where fragility can emerge.

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