Department of Psychology Commencement 2023

The Department of Psychology was selected by the LSA Honors Program to receive the inaugural Tim McKay Departmental Honors Award. According to LSA Dean Anne Curzan, this award was given to the department for "introducing large numbers of students to academic research ... [by] creating pathways from initial exploration of research to the completion of sophisticated Honors theses." LSA Psychology frequently has one of the largest (and often the single largest) Honors cohorts in the college. Curzan highlights that in 2023, for example, "fifty-three students with Psychology or Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN) majors graduated with Honors, making it the largest cohort of the year."

The Department of Psychology would like to offer special thanks to Kaydee Fry, Rachel Watson, Julie Catanzarite, Priti Shah, Cindy Lustig, Ram Mahalingham, and Brian Wallace for their amazing contributions to the Psychology Honors Program. Thank you all so much for your tireless support of our students!

The Tim McKay award, which debuted this year, was named after Professor Timothy A. McKay, who directed the LSA Honors Program from 2008-2016.