This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding delivery of psychological services to women. Such leadership includes working directly with women, directing and/or supervising psychological services for women, and/or development of innovative psychological services for women. It also recognizes innovative, high-quality research accomplishments that affect women’s lives or improve their status. Such leadership includes but is not limited to (a) increasing our general knowledge and understanding of women’s experiences and development; and/or (b) developing theory and research relevant to decreasing societal biases (e.g., sexism, racism, heterosexism, abelism, ageism, etc.) that impede the advancement of women. Relevant activities include publication, teaching and mentoring. 
In addition to that, it also recognizes individuals whose efforts have furthered the welfare of women. Such leadership includes but is not limited to (a) promoting policy/legislation that improves the welfare of women; (b) increasing the representation of women in psychology and society; (c) advocating for the rights of women; (d) using the psychology of science to advance women’s lives; (e) challenging the discrimination and harassment of all women; and (f) improving the welfare of underrepresented subpopulations of women in psychology and society.This award honors individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their service to psychology, nationally and internationally. Such leadership includes serving in multiple leadership positions in the governance of psychology-oriented groups, having a sustaining impact and influence on women’s issues in policy and procedures in professional organizations, and/or tackling important and significant issues for women as part of their leadership activities. Congratulations Monique!