John Jonides
Priti Shah
Rick Lewis
Han Zhang
Tyler Adkins
Madison Fansher
Poortata (Pia) Lalwani
Madelyn Quirk
Madison Carlson
Aysecan Boduroglu

The John A. Swets Memorial Award for Excellence in Collaborative Research in Psychological Science honors the memory of John A. Swets. While at Michigan, Professor Swets co-developed the Theory of Signal Detection with Wilson P. Tanner (Psychological Review, 1954), exemplifying the powerful influence that collaborations can have on science. The award is granted biennially to honor and promote the research of University of Michigan faculty members in the Department of Psychology who are engaged in ongoing and potentially transformative collaborative research across disciplinary boundaries.

The 2021 Swets Award was granted to the project “Dysfunctions in Cognition Due To Covid-19,” which will collect and analyze data about possible cognitive dysfunction associated with the Covid-19 virus.

Congratulations to the investigators:

·         U-M professors John Jonides, Priti Shah and Rick Lewis

·         Postdoctoral fellow Han Zhang

·         Graduate students Tyler Adkins, Madison Fansher, Poortata Lalwani, and Madelyn Quirk

·         Postbac student Madison Carlson

·         Bogazici University Professor Aysecan Boduroglu