For the last few weeks I have been in the throws of the dog days of summer. July and August are known to be the most hot and humid months of the year, and I'm feeling it. Lately, my energy is stifled and I'm feeling downright lazy. Every year around this time, I tend to have a dampened spirit and even less motivation. I know I'm not alone in this struggle of pushing though to continue productivity, so I wanted to share some of my personal motivation tips to keep you progressing too when ambition is at a lull!

Taking action toward accomplishing a task or making strides toward completing a project can be very rewarding. Either you are experiencing success by finishing a job, which improves motivation; and/or you are relieving some stress by tackling a chore you weren't excited to do. When you have zero enthusiasm, taking a first step is daunting, but you must take that step. Action -- even minimal action -- is always a good thing!

Get off the social networks!
A University of Michigan study shows that greater usage of Facebook resulted in a larger drop in mood. If you're already feeling a bit duller than usual, then perusing the Jones' fabulous vacation photos might not be the best mood-lifter. In addition, the U of M study warns of damaging self-esteem. In case you need an additional reason, social networks can be addictive and you may find yourself wasting valuable time when you could be doing something more beneficial for yourself.

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