The Problem: The "Should I Have Said That?" Endless Replay Loop
What's happening: You made it home and to your couch, but you're so busy second-guessing the decisions you made today that you can't immerse yourself in anything else (including the new episode of "Mad Men").

What to try: Wash your hands when you walk in the door. Psychologists at the University of Michigan found that washing your hands with soap and water can help you stop questioning your judgment. The study authors explain that this simple act serves as a powerful metaphor of "cleaning the slate" and helps us mentally wipe away doubts and misgivings (it helps get rid of the germs you picked up from the gas station pump, too).


The Problem: The 3 a.m. "How Will I Get It All Done?!" Freakout
What's happening: You're up in the middle of the night, feeling anxiety over your seemingly endless tasks.

What to try: Change the focus of your to-do list from what you have to do to how you will do it, says Robert C. Pozen, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and the author of Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours. At the end of each weekday, review the list and write down the steps you'll take to finish everything on it by the end of the week. It's okay if you sometimes need to do this at home, Pozen says -- taking 20 minutes (no more!) out of your evening to come up with a game plan, which can save you from two hours of tossing and turning.


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