Celebration of a Distinguished Career
A Symposium Honoring Professor Wilbert J (Bill) McKeachie
November 22, 2019
McKeachie Auditorium, 1324 East Hall

Schedule of Events

1:00-1:10 pm: Opening Remarks

    Dr. Patricia Reuter-Lorenz, Chair, Department of Psychology 

    Dean Anne Curzan, College of LSA


Dr. Kai Cortina: Chair of the Symposium (Session I)


1:10-1:20 pm: Video remembering Professor Wilbert J (Bill) McKeachie


1:20-2:35 pm: Presentations: Professor McKeachie: The Administrator, Writer, &  Innovator  

    Presentation 1: Dr. Albert Cain

    Presentation 2: Dr. Patricia Gurin & Dr. Nick Collins

    Presentation 3: Dr. Jane Halonen

    Presentation 4: Dr. Héfer Bembenutty 

    Presentation 5: Dr. Marilla D. Svinicki


2:30-3:00 pm: Coffee Break


3:00-4:15 pm: Presentations: Professor McKeachie: The Mentor & Teacher

    Dr. Patricia Reuter-Lorenz, Introduction of the Dean of Education and Session 2
    Opening Remarks: Dean Elizabeth Moje, School of Education


Dr. Stuart A. Karabenick: Chair of the Symposium (Session II)

    Presentation 6: Dr. Eric Landrum 

    Presentation 7: Dr. Matthew Kaplan 

    Presentation 8: Dr. William Herman

    Presentation 9: Dr. Shirley Yu 

    Presentation 10: Dr. Akane Zusho 


4:15-4:30 pm: Bill McKeachie’s Enduring Legacy - Dr. Robert Sellers


4:30-5:30 pm: Light Refreshment (in the Atrium) & Piano Concert: Mr. H. Roman Cortina