Students of university professor Onawa Labelle, a Personality & Social Contexts program area PhD alumna, can bring their children to class, if there's an emergency.

Since the fall she added a new child care and child-friendly policy to the syllabus of her psychology classes at the University of Windsor. In the case of an emergency when parents are forced to skip school to take care of their young children, they can now bring them to class. It was something Labelle saw in another syllabus years ago when she was a grad student.

"I just really liked that it was helping women who are parents along their educational journey," she said. "I filed it away and with the intention of adding it to my own syllabus when I when I became a professor."

Labelle started her academic journey attending a women's college after the age of 24. There were a lot of women attending who were also parents. During that time she witnessed some of the struggles they dealt with as mothers.

"Childcare absolutely was one of them and then just dealing with trying to be a parent and meeting the challenges of being a student," said Labelle.

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