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Cognition, Rationality, and Culture: Celebrating Dick Nisbett’s Career

Friday, May 19, 2017
9:00 AM-5:15 PM
1324 McKeachie Auditorium East Hall Map
9-10:15 Decision Making and Wisdom
Session chair: Richard Gonzalez
Rick Larrick - Debiasing: A Current Look
Stephanie Chen - Wisdom of the Crowd: Cognitive and Social Diversity
Igor Grossmann - Reason, Wisdom, and Rationality
Incheol Choi - Asian Wisdom: A Cyclic View of Change in Close Relationship

10:30-1:00 Dick Nisbett and his Career
Session chair: David Dunning
Hazel Rose Markus - Richard Nisbett: Virtues of Independence
Eugene Borgida - Separate Spheres Ideology, Populism, and the 2016 Presidential
Timothy D. Wilson - Just Think: The Challenges of Enjoying One's Own Thoughts
Stephen Stich - Dick Nisbett's (starring) Role in Philosophy's Experimental Turn
Lee Ross - My Research Journey from the FAE to Naive Realism
Denise Park - Aging, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Culture: The Wisdom of
Dick Nisbett

1:00-2:30 Break for lunch

2:30-3:45 Culture and Cognition: 20 Years Later
Session chair: Julie Boland
Takahiko Masuda - Culture, Attention, and Neural Responses
Cristina Salvador - Tightening of the mind: the role of subliminal affiliation priming in norm violation detection
Jinkyung Na - How Facebook is Perceived and Used by People across
M. E. W. Varnum -Why do Cultures Change? Changes in Ecology Drive Cultural

4:00-5:15 Religion, Meaning in Life, and Health
Session chair: Fiona Lee
Yuri Miyamoto - Dialectical versus Hedonic Systems of Emotion
Li-Jun Ji - Living a Meaningful and Happy Life
Ara Norenzayan - Theodiversity
Dov Cohen - Religion and Mechanisms of Defense
Building: East Hall
Event Type: Conference / Symposium
Tags: Psychology, Retirement, symposium, Talk
Source: Happening @ Michigan from Department of Psychology