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Student Organizations

Read through the information below to learn more about the student organizations available to Psychology graduate students.

Asian/Asian American Psychology Student Association (APSA)

Asian/Asian American Psychology Student Association (APSA) is an organization of International Asian and Asian American psychology graduate students and faculty members at the University of Michigan. APSA was created to

  • promote research on APA issues,
  • support APA students and faculty, and
  • help recruit APA students.

APSA was started by two graduate students, Benita Jackson and Michele Tugade in 1997. APSA was originally founded as a source of support for its Asian/Asian American psychology graduate students. Over the years, the number of Asian/Asian American graduate students and faculty have increased, and subsequently APSA has expanded its activities to not only address the supportive needs of its members but also to serve as a forum where APA issues and research can be studied and discussed. Currently there are 28 Asian/Asian American graduate students and 7 faculty members.

Black Student Psychological Association (BSPA)

The primary mission of the Black Student Psychological Association shall be to effectively serve and retain Black students studying Psychology (and in related areas) by holistically enhancing their academic experience through informational, academic, social/interpersonal, and community service systems.

Latino Student Psychological Association (LSPA)

The Latino/a Student Psychological (LSPA) is a graduate student organization at the University of Michigan that strives to increase the recruitment and retention of Latino students in psychology.  As such, LSPA's mission is threefold: to provide a supportive and diverse learning environment for its graduate student members, to serve as advocates for the Latino community, and to educate the greater academic community on issues that affect Latino and other ethnic minority groups. Throughout the year, LSPA holds several events for its members and for the larger campus and Latino community, including lectures, fundraisers, and exhibits.

Michigan Association of Psychological Scholars (MAPS)

The Michigan Association of Psychology Scholars was created in 2005 in order to offer a new form of guidance and support to undergraduates in the Psychology department.  MAPS is a mentoring program that pairs graduate student mentors with one or two undergraduate mentees; mentoring matches are made based on similarities in interests, demographic criteria such as race and sexual orientation (at the request of the mentee), and the undergraduate's perceived need for mentoring and guidance.  In the past two years, MAPS has experienced great success and a rapidly expanding membership: this fall, 41 graduate mentors and 62 undergraduate mentees were selected for the program.  The program also offers a variety of free events throughout the semester, which range from panel discussions and informational presentations to social events that give mentors and mentees a chance to unwind during the semester.

Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA)

The Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA) has three goals: 1) To facilitate unity among the psychology graduate students, (e.g., by hosting social events that bring students together across areas, by coordinating interdepartmental sports); 2) to ensure transparency for processes within the psychology department, (e.g., by relaying departmental processes, rationale, and changes to students) and 3) to advocate for graduate students' needs and concerns, (e.g. by voicing students' concerns to administration). To accomplish these aims, we host meetings several times a semester to relay our progress on existing initiatives, and to hear from fellow students about new endeavors that PGSA can take on. 

Psych OUT

Psych OUT was founded by a group of Queer graduate students in 2015. The purpose of Psych OUT is to create a space for Queer Psychology graduate students at the University of Michigan to develop a sense of community, promote gender/sexual diversity in the department and the greater community, and to promote Queer scholarship in Psychology. Our organization is open to any sexual and gender minority students within the department of Psychology and also welcomes the support of our allies. We also encourage Queer students of color to become involved and emphasize Psych OUT's mission to be a safe and welcoming space for all Queer students in the department.