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Graduate Student Annual Report


The links below will allow you to complete the Student Self-Evaluation portion of the Annual Review process. These pages are available year-round to allow you to enter new accolades as they occur and to make notes to yourself in the short answer section. The information you provide will be combined with data from the department’s records and sent to the faculty in your area to assist them in writing your Annual Review letter. 

Student Self-Evaluations for the Annual Review period May 2017 - April 2018 are due April 28, 2018.


Step 1: Upload a copy of your CV and enter information regarding awards, presentations, and publications. Please complete this prior to submitting the Questionnaire (step 2).

    Note: if you are enrolled in more than one degree program you will need to select "Psychology Doc" or "Social     Work & Psychology PhD". Masters and Certificate programs will not have any data in this system.

Step 2: The student Questionnaire includes several short-answer questions related to your current progress in the program and future goals. Please include relevant information for the last 12 months. To notify your advisor that the form is ready for their review, enter their information at the end of the form by clicking "Add Advisor." You are able to identify up to two advisors. They will receive an email after you click "Submit."

Step 3: Make an appointment with you advisor to discuss your annual report. 


If you have any questions please contact the Psychology Student Academic Affairs Office at


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