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Graduate Students

The Psychology Department offers a Ph.D. program in six areas of psychology. Students may prepare for careers in both academic and applied settings—for positions in colleges and universities, in governmental agencies, in industrial plants and unions, in research organizations, in clinics and in schools.

The general objectives of the Ph.D. program are to permit the student to achieve: 

  1. A general knowledge of the broad subject matter of psychology
  2. Mastery of a specialized field
  3. Competence in organizing, interpreting, and communicating effectively
  4. Competence in research skills and creative work
  5. Professional skills relevant to their field of specialization

At its best, graduate education requires an intensive and intimate form of instruction. Psychology department faculty members are very accessible to students and research opportunities are available in a wide variety of labs and projects. Although the department is one of the largest in the country, we have developed procedures that not only allow each student freedom in planning an individualized program of study but also permit collaborative work with a small group of staff members.

Graduate Program Areas

The department is organized into six areas:

In addition, there are three joint programs of study:

There are also five affiliated programs: