Vincent Hutchings has received the Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award

The Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Awards recognize tenured faculty from any discipline who are outstanding mentors of doctoral students, who support their intellectual, creative, scholarly, and professional growth and foster a culture of intellectual engagement in which they thrive.

Professor Hutchings joins this great group in the department who've received the award, in the order, they received it:  Rob Franzese, Mary Corcoran, Jim Morrow, John Jackson, Liz Wingrove, Allen Hicken, and Chuck Shipan.

His mentorship includes the following: 


Co-Chair:  Sydney Carr, political science,  candidate (co-chair:  Stuart Soroka);

Chair:  Josh Thorp, political science, candidate;

Member:  Brandon Romero, political science, candidate;

Co-chair:  Eugenia Quintanilla, political science, candidate (co-chair: Ted Brader);

Chair:   Kamri Hudgins, political science, candidate;

Chair:  Zoe Walker, political science, candidate;

Member: Kiela Crabtree, political science, candidate;

Member: Marty Davidson, political science, candidate; 


Co-Chair: Chinbo Chong, political science, (co-chair: Ted Brader) – post-doc Indiana University

Co-Chair: Nicole Yadon, political science, (co-chair: Ted Brader) – Ohio State University

Member: Patrick Meehan, political science/social work --UM School of Social Work;

Chair: Steven Moore, political science-- Wesleyan;

Co-Chair: Princess Williams, political science, (co-chair: Nick Valentino); Amherst

Member: Charles Crabtree, political science – Dartmouth

Co-Chair: Bai Linh Hoang, political science (co-chair: Rick Hall) – University of Texas Arlington

Co-Chair: LaShonda Brenson, political science (co-chair: Rick Hall) – Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Co-Chair: LaGina Gause, political science/public policy (co-chair: Liz Gerber)--  UCSD

Co-Chair: Jennifer Chudy, political science (co-chair: Don Kinder)—Wellesley;

Member: Derek Stafford, Political Science;

Co-Chair: Vincent Fusaro, political science/social work (co-chair: John Tropman) – Boston College

Co-Chair: Vanessa Cruz, political science (co-chair: John Garcia)—Indiana University

Chair: Hakeem Jefferson, political science -- Stanford University.

Co-Chair: Davin Phoenix, political science/public policy – University of California, Irvine (co-chair: Ted Brader)

Co-Chair: Ashley Jardina, political science – Duke University (co-chair: Ted Brader)

Co-Chair: Spencer Piston, political science – Boston University (co-chair: Arthur Lupia)

Chair: Michael Duenes, political science – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (stepping in on behalf of Hanes Walton)

Co-Chair: LaFleur Stephens, pol. science/public policy – Princeton University (co-chair: Richard Hall)

Co-Chair: Ashley Reid Brown, pol. science/public policy (co-chair: Richard Hall)

Chair: Andrea Benjamin, political science– University of Oklahoma

Co-Chair: Dyron Dabney, political science– Albion College (co-chair: J. Campbell)

Member: Eric Groenendyk, political science – University of Memphis

Co-Chair: Antoine Banks, political science -- University of Maryland, College Park (co-chair: N. Valentino)

Member: Rosario Aguilar, political science – Newcastle University

Chair: Guy-Uriel Charles, political science and law – Duke University Law School

Co-Chair: Debra Horner, political science – administrator, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan (co-chair: M. Feldman)

Co-Chair: Michael Minta, political science – University of Minnesota (co-chair: Rick Hall)

Co-Chair: Ismail White, political science – Princeton University (co-chair: N. Valentino)

Member: Elizabeth Arbuckle Wabindato, political science – University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

Member: Harwood McClerking, political science – Augustana College

Member: Michael Hanmer, political science – University of Maryland, College Park

Member: Tasha Philpot, political science – University of Texas, Austin

Member: Brian McKenzie, political science.

Member, Margaret Young, communications studies;

Member, Margaret Howard – Michigan in Washington administration

Member: Regina Freer, political science – Occidental College