The purpose of the Grace Undergraduate Research Awards is to encourage our undergrads’ engagement in research activities. The Grace Thesis Award will go to the best honors theses. The undergraduate research award is meant to acknowledge the many form of research our students do in settings other than writing a thesis. 

The winners of the Undergrad Research Award are:

  • First Prize: Nicholas Berg and Abbie Berringer, for work done as UROP assistants on Michigan lobbyists, interests groups, and lobby regulations. Nominated by James Strickland. 
  • Second Prize: Claire Bryan and Eli Scheinholtz, for working on a project with Fabian Guy Neuner, James Newburg, and Nick Valentino on content analysis on changing norms of racial discourse. Nominated by Nick Valentino.
  • Third Prize: Matthew Hecker, for an original research paper on the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 in POLSCI 190. Nominated by Chuck Shipan. 

Many thanks to Mark Dincecco and Edie Goldenberg, the members of the Undergrad Affairs Committee, for their work on this award. And, of course, to Margaret Mason and Nicole Rutherford for the heavy lifting logistics.