Rachel Potters receives multiple awards including the Olson Prize for Best Dissertation in Political Ecomony, the E.E. Schattschneider Award for Best Dissertation in American Politics, and the George C. Edwards III Dissertation Award.

Her dissertation was titled, Writing the Rules of the Game: The Stragetic Logic of Agency Rulemaking and her committee included Chuck Shipan (chair), Jowei Chen, Rick Hall, and Ken Kollman.

Potter will receive these honors at the Annual September 2016 APSA Meeting held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Potter, who earned her PhD in political science and public policy in 2014, is an assistant professor of politics at the University of Virginia. Her research interests include American political institutions, regulation, public policy, public administration, and the influence of separation of powers on bureaucratic decision-making. Her current book project addresses why some government agencies are successful in the notice-and-comment rulemaking process, while others fail. Her most recent research appears in International Studies Quarterly.