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GSI Positions

The Department of Political Science seeks several Graduate Student Instructors (GSI) and GSI Graders for the Winter 2018 semester.  These positions may range from 0.25% to 0.6% appointments (with the majority being 0.5% appointments), and as posted, are subject to a collective bargaining agreement between the Regents of the University of Michigan and the Graduate Employees’ Organization, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO 3550.

All applicants must be graduate students enrolled at the University of Michigan.  The most successful applicants will have completed a graduate course in political science, previous experience as a GSI with favorable student evaluations, and/or previous experience teaching in political science.  Students who have not held a GSI position, and/or graduate students from outside of the department will be considered.


To Apply:

Political Science Graduate students must complete this online application form by the deadline below

Graduate students outside of the Dept of Political Science, including current F17 Political Science courses, must complete this online application form by the deadline below.

Students who have not held a GSI position in the Political Science in the past 12 months will be asked to upload the following documents as separate files through this application: 1) Cover letter 2) CV, 3) teaching evaluation summary (if GSIed for a class outside of Political Science).


Application Deadline: Friday, November 17, 2017, 11:59pm



All employment decisions will be made by the director of graduate studies in the Department of Political Science.  Doctoral students in Political Science will be given first priority for available positions. In the event that positions remain open after all eligible and qualified Political Science doctoral students have been hired, then the Department will move to any existing pool of external applicants. GSIs from outside the department will be selected based on the quality of their past teaching experience, the strength of their references, and also on how well their past coursework and teaching experiences have prepared them to teach the course topic of any open positions. Details about the process and positions can be found on the department Call for W18 GSIs document.



The Department expects to extend initial GSI placements to Department of Political Science doctoral students on or around Friday, December 8.  External applicants can expect to hear about initial decisions on or around Friday, December 15.  All applicants are welcome to request the status of their application at any time by contacting Kimberly Smith, Graduate Program Coordinator, at While we do our best to maintain original placements, sometimes the need arises to move GSIs from one assigned course to another. Assignments may change up to the first day of classes.


W18 GSI Positions Available

(course instructors and courses that meet the LSA Upper-Level Writing Requirement (ULWR) are noted in parenthesis)

POLSCI 101 - Introduction to Political Theory (LaVaque-Manty)

POLSCI 111 - Introduction to American Politics (Shipan)

POLSCI 140 - Introduction to Comparative Politics (Markovits)

POLSCI 160 - Introduction to World Politics (Koremenos)

POLSCI 307 - Topics in American Political Thought: Post-WWII Theory (Manuel)

POLSCI 312 - Persuasive Politics (Lupia)

POLSCI 315 - Media and Public Opinion (Brader)

POLSCI 332 - Politics of Inequality (Mickey)

POLSCI 339 - China's Evolution Under Communism (Gallagher)

POLSCI 352 - How to be an Autocrat (Hassan)

POLSCI 369 - International Economic Relations (TBD)

POLSCI 489.010 - Sexual Violence and War (Nordas)

POLSCI 514 - Social Science Computer Usage 

POLSCI 681 - Intermediate Game Theory (Tyson)

POLSCI 699 - Statistical Methods II (Titiunik)

POLSCI 381 - Political Science Research Methods (Jones; ULWR)

POLSCI 389.005 - Election Law and Political Law (Chen; ULWR)

POLSCI 401 - Feminist Political Theory (Grigg; ULWR)

POLSCI 402 - Liberalism and it's Critics (Tyler; ULWR)

POLSCI 489.002 - Electoral Politics in the Developing World (Nathan; ULWR)

CAP Lab Assistant*
Graduate Student Mentor*

Admin Assistant*

*Denotes position is limited to Political Science Doctoral student


Winter 2018 GSI Grader Positions

The following GSI Grader positions are only available to students who will have advanced to candidacy in the Department of Political Science by January 1, 2018.

POLSCI 311 - American Political Process (Hutchings)

POLSCI 389.001 - Congress and the Presidency (Rivers)

POLSCI 389.002 - "Empire of Liberty": The Politics of US Colonialism (Temin)

POLSCI 389.003 - Saving the World or Wasting Time: Assessing Social Movement Effectiveness (Davenport)

POLSCI 389.004 - The Presidency: Cases and Controversies (Adside)

POLSCI 389.006 - Law and Public Policy (Peel)

POLSCI 389.007 - International Law and Human Rights (Winkler)


Application Deadline: Friday, November 17, 2017, 11:59pm

Details about the process and positions can be found on the department Call for W18 GSIs document.