Established in 2002, the Program in the Environment (PitE) enables students to draw from multiple disciplines to develop creative new approaches to some of our most pressing environmental and natural resource challenges. PitE’s mission is to offer an undergraduate experience that combines rigorous, interdisciplinary environmental studies and practical problem solving within an academic community that supports diversity, fosters intellectual risk-taking, and builds relationships. PitE engages students in projects that examine real-world problems and provide practical leadership immersion experiences, which enable them to integrate and apply their skills to complex environmental and sustainability problems. The ultimate goal of PitE is to develop environmentally informed citizens and leaders who are equipped to address pressing environmental issues in creative and innovative ways.

To continue PitE’s record of success and enhance its ability to offer experiential learning opportunities, we must expand our offerings that provide real-world experiences for students to develop their knowledge and put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. Field excursions, research opportunities, and service learning experiences all offer our students the chance to develop their knowledge and test their scholarship by allowing them to apply what they have learned to different situations.

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