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Courses Satisfying Minor in Sustainability Requirements

Practical/Leadership Experiential Classes 

ENVIRON 302:  Sustainable Neighborhoods:  Experiential Learning and Active Engagement in Detroit
ENVIRON 398:  Environment Internship Program
EARTH 344:  Sustainable and Fossil Energy:  Options and Consequences
STDABRD 303:  UM at Institute for Central American Development Studies, San Jose, Costa Rica (Fall or Winter)
STDABRD 308:  UM at EcoQuest New Zealand (Fall or Winter)
STDABRD 358:  UM/CIC Political Science Internships in British Government and Politics, London, England
STDABRD 452:  UM at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, England (Spring only)
STDABRD 471:  UM at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Any study abroad class to be used to meet this requirement must be pre-approved by the Program in the Environment as being suitably focused on sustainability issues.  Students may also petition for inclusion of other courses to meet this requirement.  Any petition must be received and approved before enrolling in such courses.

Topical Courses

Society, Culture, Justice and Citizenship 

AMCULT 496 : American Values and Sustainability
ANTHRCUL 439:  Economic Anthropology and Development
ENGLISH 320/ENVIRON 377:  Literature and the Environment
ENVIRON 211:  Social Sciences and Environmental Problems
ENVIRON 222:  Introduction to Environmental Justice
ENVIRON 256/ ANTHRCUL 256:  Culture, Adaptation and Environment
ENVIRON 304:  Topics in Culture and Environment
ENVIRON 320:  Environmental Journalism:  Reporting about Science, Policy and Public Health
ENVIRON 360:  Behavior and Environment
ENVIRON 361/PSYCH 385/NRE 561:  The Psychology of Environmental Stewardship
ENVIRON 376:  Environmental Ethics
ENVIRON 382 :  Intro to Environmental Education and Sustainable Development
NRE 501:  Justice Issues in Conservation and Sustainability
PHIL 240: Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 355:  Contemporary Moral Problems
SOC 415:  Culture and Consumption

Business and Economics

SOC 315:  Economic Sociology
STRATEGY 411:  The Corporation in Society
BIT 445/Strategy 445:  Base of the Pyramid
ENG 390: Social Entrepreneurship
ENG 521: Clean Tech Entrepreneurship
ENVIRON 380/GEOSCI 380:  Mineral Resources, Economics, and the Environment
STRATEGY 310: World Economy

 Public Policy, Urban Planning, and Law

AOSS 480/NRE 480:  Climate Change:  The Move to Action
        ARCH 423/ENVIRON 307/UP 423:  Introduction to Urban and Environmental Planning
        CAAS 426: Urban Redevelopment and Social Justice
        CMPLXSYS 391/POLSCI 391:  Applied Complex Systems:  Emergent Challenges
        ENVIRON 270:  Our Common Future - The Ecology, Economics and Ethics of Sustainable Development
        ENVIRON 306:  Global Water
        ENVIRON 312:  Environmental Politics and Policy
        ENVIRON 318: Food, Land and Society
        ENVIRON 350:  The Built Environment: Introduction to Landscape Change
        ENVIRON 365:  International Environmental Policy
        ENVIRON 402: Urban Sprawl
        ENVIRON 412:  Environmental Values in Public Policy
        ENVIRON 449/NRE 449:  Organizational Theory and Change
        ENVIRON 475/EHS 588/NRE 475:  Environmental Law
        NRE 501:  Urban Agriculture
        PHYSICS 481/PUBPOL 481:  Science, Technology and Public Policy
        PUBPOL 201: Systematic Thinking About Problems of the Day
        RCIDIV 302:  Advanced Issues in Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society:  Environmental Literature/Social   Justice
        UP 425: Urban Systems

Natural Sciences & Public Health

ANTHRCUL 408/CAAS 409:  Maternal/Child Health and Environmental Pollution in Africa
       EHS 500:  Introduction to Environmental Health Science
       ENVIRON 310:  Toxicology:  The Study of Environmental Chemicals and Disease
       ENVIRON 317:  Conservation of Biological Diversity
       EARTH 380/ENVIRON 380:  Mineral Resources, Economics, and the Environment
       PUBHLTH 200/PUBPOL 200: Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health

Technology, Engineering, and Design

       ARCH 357:  Architecture, Sustainability and the City
       ARTDES 250: Art-Design Persp III: Technology and the Environment
       CEE 265:  Sustainable Engineering Principles
       CEE 567:  Energy Infrastructure Systems
       CMPLXSYS 250:  Social Systems and Energy
       ENVIRON 309:  GIS Explorations of the Past, Present, and Future
       ENVIRON 367:  Global Enterprise and Sustainable Development
       MECHENG 433/AUTO 533:  Advanced Energy Solutions
       NRE 574:  Sustainable Energy Systems

Capstone Courses  

ENVIRON 391/RCIDIV 391:  Sustainable Campus
ENVIRON 401:  Modeling Human-Natural Systems
ENVIRON 404:  Cars, Energy, and Chemistry
ENVIRON 407:  Sustainable Cities
ENVIRON 302:  Sustainable Neighborhoods:  Experiential Learning and Active Engagement in Detroit