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Internship Program (3-4 credits)

Requirements to do an Internship for Credit:

  1. Be a declared PitE major or minor.

  2. Have completed Stage One and Stage Two of PitE's Michigan Internship Learning Environment (MILE) program.

  3. Have completed at least two terms of study at the University of Michigan or equivalent campus.

  4. Be in good academic standing, including a minimum 2.0 G.P.A.

Download a copy of the full Environ 398 Guidelines for more information about the course.

Why do an Internship for Credit?

  1. Can be used to fulfill major or minor requirements in PitE.

  2. Provides more structure to the internship and incorporates a research component, which is also an excellent item to include on a resume.

  3. Some organizations may require students to get credit for an internship.

Research has repeatedly shown the importance of learning by doing. Internships can give students a chance to translate their academic knowledge to real world settings. Students will also gain practical tools such as improved listening and communication skills, data gathering and analysis, just to name a few, that will translate to jobs after graduation.

Sign-up to meet with a PitE Internship Faculty member learn how to complete an internship for Practical Experience and discuss the MILE program further.