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Internship Program (3-4 credits)

Why do an internship for credit?

An internship for credit:

  1. Can be used to fulfill major or minor requirements in PitE.
  2. Provides a more structured way to approach the internship and incorporates a formal academic component that is designed to help students reflect on their experience and apply academic knowledge.
  3. Some organizations may require students to get credit for an internship.

Research on learning has repeatedly shown the importance of learning by doing. Experiential learning that occurs during an internship can give students a chance to translate academic knowledge and apply it in real world settings. These experiences also allow students to develop a broad range of practical skills, learn about environmental careers, and develop professionally. 

As a result, PitE encourages students to pursue environmental related internships and allows these experiences to be used to fulfill major or minor requirements, namely the PitE practical experience requirement.

How do students get credit for doing an internship?

Doing an internship for academic credit involves more than just accumulating hours and completing day-to-day internship tasks.  In order to receive credit for these experiences students in PitE must also complete an internship research project and engage in a series of reflective activities before, during, and after the internship experience.  

In PitE, all required assignments and activities are outlined and submitted though the Michigan Internship Learning Environment (MILE) – an online program designed to help orient students to the internship process and make the most of their experience.  

What is the timeline for doing an internship for credit?

Students considering an internship should start working through the required MILE stages at least 1-2 months before starting the internship. Students considering doing a summer or fall term internship are advised to start MILE during the winter semester. Students doing an internship over the summer need to have completed Stages 1 and 2 of MILE by June 1st, or by the start of the internship -- whichever comes first.

Students considering doing an internship to meet PitE’s Practical Experience are encouraged to visit the MILE site to learn more about the program.

Get Started: Explore MILE and Meet With a MILE Instructor

To get started, visit the Michigan Internship Learning Environment (MILE) site and read through each of the four stages. Then complete Goal One by completing a short internship interest form. A MILE Instructor will then contact you to set up a time to discuss interests. Visit MILE to get started!

During this meeting, the MILE instructor will help you explore internship possibilities and help you get started in MILE. Even if you're only contemplating an internship at this point, reviewing MILE and meeting with an instructor may help you figure out when might be the best time for you to do an internship.

Environ 398

Students must enroll in Environ 398 for 3-4 credits to earn academic credit for an internship. 

Environ 398 Pre-Requisites:

  1. Be a declared PitE major or minor.
  2. Have completed Stage One and Stage Two of PitE's MILE program.
  3. Have completed at least two terms of study at the University of Michigan or equivalent campus.
  4. Be in good academic standing, including a minimum 2.0 G.P.A.

Download a copy of the full Environ 398 Guidelines for more information about the course.