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I’m really interested in majoring or minoring in physics. Where do I find out more information about your degree programs? You can find more information about our degree programs here.

How do I declare a physics major or minor? If you are interested in pursuing physics as a concentration, you should schedule an appointment to speak with a concentration counselor as early as possible (even in your first year). If the times do not work with your schedule, please e-mail

AP Credit

How do I get my AP Physics Credit? In order to receive AP Credit, the Physics department requests that students email the student services office. In the email, please indicate whether or not you are interested in majoring or minoring in physics. AP Credit will show up on transcripts as Physics 139 (140/141) and/or Physics 239 (240/241). Please refer to this website for information on AP Physics Guidelines.

Exam Grading

When will my exam score be posted? Exam grades will generally be posted within one to two weekdays of the exam date.

I think there was a mistake in scanning my exam or there was an eraser mark. What should I do?Scores are based solely on what is marked on the scantron answer sheet, so make sure to double check your answers before turning them in to ensure that there are no errors. There is nothing we can do after the fact if answers are marked incorrectly. The scanner does not make errors, and it alerts us when multiple marks (i.e. eraser marks) are detected so we can visually check those ourselves and they will not affect your grade.

If a score of 0 shows up, you may have neglected to fill out your UMID number or Form/Key number so your answer sheet was unable to be scanned. Please bring  your exam booklet to the Physics Student Services Office at 1440 Randall Laboratory so the form number can be confirmed. If the issue is your UMID number, email it to your course’s administrative email address.

What should I do if I believe I bubbled in the wrong form/key number on my scantron? Please bring your exam booklet to the Physics Student Services Office at 1440 Randall Laboratory so this can be confirmed.

How do I file a grade grievance? If you believe you were graded incorrectly, please follow these guidelines posted here to resolve the issue.


How do I register my iClicker?

iClickers need to be registered on the CTools Site for the class, not on the iClicker website. There is a list of links along the left side of the CTools page for the course. One of those links should say “i>clicker”.  Click that link, and it will take you to this page:

Enter your remote ID in the designated box and click “Register”. Once your iClicker is registered, it will be displayed like this:

I have a class or work conflict one or more days a week and cannot attend my physics class. Can I attend a different section and have my i>clicker scores moved? It’s very important that I take both of these classes this semester, and there are no other sections that work in my schedule. No. Students are responsible for attending the section they chose to register for and will get zeros for missed days. Most professors excuse the lowest ~6 i>clicker scores at the end of the semester, so that will partly make up for any needs to miss class.

I have zeros for a number of my i>clicker scores, and I was in class. How do I get my scores back?The issue is most likely that your i>clicker isn’t registered or you have unknowingly switched i>clickers with another student or roommate and now need to register your new ID. Please see above for instructions on registering it, then contact your class administrative email address to ask that the missing scores be uploaded if possible.

If neither of those issues are true, your i>clicker may be malfunctioning. We cannot help with that in the physics department, but the nice staff at the ISS Instructional Consulting Center can test it out for you and help troubleshoot. Their office is located at G333 Mason Hall.

Mastering Physics

How do I purchase an access code online? Please go to the Mastering Physics website to purchase an access code. The code will be good for two years.

I’m having issues with my Mastering Physics account. What do I do? Please refer to the Mastering Physics support page.

Registering for Labs

Did you register for the class? An electronic permission gives you permission to register for the class, but it does not automatically enroll you. You must register for the class before the expiration date listed on the e-mail permission. The course will still say it is closed, but you will now be able to go through the steps to enroll.

I need to get into a class and the section I want is full. I NEED this class. What do I do?

First, are there open sections that will fit into your schedule? If so, register. We are typically able to find a class for you, but you need to be flexible. If there are no open sections for 136/141/236/241,  please e-mail with 3-4 sections that work with your schedule and we will add you on to the paper waitlist. Once on the waitlist you might receive an e-mail from Student Services. If so, the e-mail will tell you that you were given a permission to register for the class and that you should do so within a given amount of time. If you don't receive an e-mail from Student Services then you should attend the first day of the waitlisted class. The instructor may be able to give you permission to enroll. If you are not able to get into class after the first day then go to Student Services. The staff there will do what they can to help you find a class.

For 341 and 441/442, please add yourself on to the waitlist on Wolverine Access. If you are having issues, please e-mail and we will help you out.