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U-M Physics comprises many collaborators who serve as facultyemeritusresearch scientistslecturersgraduate studentsresearch fellowsstaff and affiliates. Explore our directory to learn more. 

Myron Campbell
Professor of Physics
355 West Hall 734.764.2192
J Chapman
Professor Emeritus
2281B Randall 734.764.4440
Daniel Levin
Research Scientist
363 West Hall 734.764.4385
Homer Neal
Samuel A. Goudsmit Professor of Physics; President, American Physical Society
375 West Hall
Lab:2209 Randall
Jianming Qian
David M. Dennison Professor of Physics
349 West Hall
Lab: 2209 (763.7209)
Tom Schwarz
Assistant Professor
350 West Hall
Lab: 3215 Randall
Joshua Spitz
Norman M. Leff Assistant Professor
376 West Hall
Lab: 2208 Randall 764.0272
(734) 763-2329
Monica Tecchio
Research Scientist
361 West Hall 734.647.6203
Bing Zhou
Donald A. Glaser Professor of Physics
347 West Hall
Labs: 2209, 2214 Randall
Junjie Zhu
Associate Professor
356 West Hall
Lab 2209 Randall