Professor James Liu is a recipient of the 2012 John Dewey Award for long-term commitment to undergraduate teaching. Recipients of this award are selected by the College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LSA) Executive Committee and are committed to the education of undergraduate students.

The award honors those who, in the spirit of John Dewey,
have shown a consistent dedication to the education of undergraduates at the University. Modeling Dewey's own example, recipients show a parallel engagement in the following areas: his scholarly productivity, provision of leadership, and engagement with and care for students.

In a letter to James Liu, LSA Dean Terrence J. McDonald said, “The Executive Committee was impressed by your dedication to teaching innovation and improvement, your consistently strong classroom evaluations, and the quality of your syllabi.” Dean McDonald continues with, “…the committee was particularly captivated by the eloquence, clarity and commitment evident in your teaching statement, and commented, with warmth and respect, on your humility and your willingness to continue learning.”

Winners of the Dewey award are selected by the College Executive Committee from those proposed for promotion from Associate to full Professor.

James Liu will officially be presented his award in the fall at the first LSA faculty meeting.

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