This year, Public Health graduate Bethany Percha receives one of the College of Literature, Science, and Art’s Graduate Student Instructor Awards for her work in the Physics Department.

As the Lead Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), Bethany and Physics Professor Wolfgang Lorenzon were responsible for about 1900 freshmen during the academic year and managed 30 GSI’s. Bethany demonstrated outstanding performance during her two years as Lead GSI at the Physics Department. She introduced three new experiments and rewrote the lab manual the summer before her position actually began. After her first year, she persuaded two fellow GSI’s to work with her over the summer to provide input on curriculum development. During the academic year, she also proposed and followed through with a weekly one-hour Lab lecture for the students who were struggling with the concepts they had learned in the main lectures that paralleled the labs. She lectured to 80 faithful students each week on late Friday afternoons.

Selections were based on criteria such as student demonstration of exceptional ability and creativity as teachers and continuous growth. The nominees must serve as outstanding mentors and advisors to their students and colleagues. In addition, they must demonstrate growth as scholars in the course of their graduate programs.

Professor Lorenzon relays his sentiment about Bethany, “Everything Bethany has done is extremely professional. She serves as a role model for all the other GSI’s who look up to her and seek her advice. In my opinion, Beth’s tenure as lead GSI is unparalleled.”