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REBUILD Seminar | Exploring Student Reasoning to Support Better Teaching

Vicente Talanquer (University of Arizona)
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
12:00-1:00 PM
340 West Hall Map
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The focal point of Dr. Talanquer’s work is the study, reflection, and improvement of chemistry education and science teacher preparation. His research characterizes the conceptual frameworks and patterns of reasoning used by chemistry students to answer questions and solve problems that require qualitative reasoning (e.g., classification, prediction, inference, comparison). He is exploring how students' ideas and reasoning strategies evolve as they develop more expertise in the discipline (trajectories of expertise). These studies are of central importance not only to design learning progressions that foster meaningful learning but also to improve the preparation of future chemistry teachers through the development of their assessment thinking (to learn more see The University of Arizona Chemistry and Biochemistry Department).

REBUILD and the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching are talking to administrators, faculty, staff and students across the University about foundational courses. Our goal is to generate a shared vision and agenda for a program of collaborative course design to advance teaching and learning in foundational courses at the University of Michigan.

The Foundational Course Initiative Seminar Series features high-profile speakers who have extensive experience leading the transformation of foundational courses to incorporate innovative technologies, research-based pedagogies, systematic assessment strategies, and novel approaches to supporting the success of diverse students at scale.
Building: West Hall
Event Type: Workshop / Seminar
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