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The Philosophy Office is open from 8:00am–5:00pm during the fall and winter term. During the spring and summer term, the office is open from 8:00am–12:00pm and 1:00pm–4:00pm.

Contact Directory

Undergraduate Program —

For questions or issues regarding undergraduate courses or advising

Graduate Program —

For questions or issues regarding graduate admissions, courses, or advising

Events and News —

For questions regarding department events or for alumni, current students, and faculty to send announcements

Department Chair —

For department-scale inquiries

Elizabeth Anderson
Max Shaye Professor of Public Philosophy, John Dewey Distinguished University Professor; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
2239 AH 734.764.6285
Abdul Ansari
Doctoral Candidate; Rackham Merit Fellow
Shelley Anzalone
Executive Assistant
2215 Angell Hall 734-936-4642
Mia Arnold
Event and Publicity Coordinator
2215 Angell Hall
Judith Beck
Undergraduate Coordinator
2215 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Gordon Belot
Lawrence Sklar Collegiate Professor of Philosophy
2227 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Linda A.W. Brakel
Research Associate
2101 Commonwealth Ste B SPC 5722 734.936.8703
Sarah Buss
2235 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Jason Lee Byas
Graduate Student; Ethics Discussion Group (EDGe) Organizer; Michigan-MIT Social Philosophy Workshop (M2SPW) 2023 organizer
Kelly Campbell
Chief Administrator
2215 Angell Hall 734-647-4006
Mercedes Corredor
Graduate Student; MAP Coordinator; MAP and COMPASS Facilitator; Spring Colloquium Organizer; Outreach Coordinator
Kevin Craven
Graduate Student; GSWG Coordinator
Stephen Darwall
John Dewey Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
Emmalon Davis
Assistant Professor
2224 Angell Hall
435 S State St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Guus Duindam
Graduate Student; EDGe Organizer; Undergrad Outreach Coordinator; MMP Organizer
Maegan Fairchild
Assistant Professor
2220 Angell Hall
Allan Gibbard
Richard B. Brandt Distinguished University Professor Emertius
2239 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Emma Hardy
PhD Candidate
1156 Angell Hall
Daniel Herwitz
Frederick G. L. Huetwell Professor
435 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Josh Hunt
Graduate Student; FOMP Organizer; Philosophy with Kids Coordinator
James Joyce
C. H. Langford Collegiate Professor of Philosophy; Undergraduate Chair; PPE Chair
2223 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Gabrielle Kerbel
Graduate Student; Event Facilitation Crew, MAP Coordinator, COMPASS Workshop Coordinator
Mika LaVaque-Manty
Arthur F. Thurnau Associate Professor
7640 Haven Hall 734.615.9142
Louis Loeb
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Emeritus
Daniel Lowe
LEO Lecturer I
2215 Angell Hall 734-764-6285
David Manley
Associate Professor; GSI Training & Evaluation Chair
2250 Angell Hall 734.764.2296
George Mashour
Adjunct Research Associate
1H247 University Hospital SPC 5048 734.936.4280
Carson Maynard
Graduate Coordinator
Cameron McCulloch
Graduate Student; Spring Colloquium Organizer; Graduate Student Working Group Coordinator; Organizer for Rackham Interdisciplinary Working Group on Knowledge, Information, and Society
Calum McNamara
Graduate Student; Epistemology Working Group Organizer
Gabe Mendlow
Professor of Law
337 Hutchins Hall
Chris Nicholson
Graduate Student; Ethics Bowl Committee; Undergrad Outreach Coordinator
Sonya Özbey
Assistant Professor of Chinese Philosophy
6139 STB
202 S Thayer St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1608
Sumeet Patwardhan
Graduate Student; MAP and COMPASS Facilitator; RGFP Organizer
Caroline Perry
Graduate Student; Ethics Bowl Coordinator
Ariana Peruzzi
Graduate Student; COMPASS Workshop Coordinator, GEO Steward
Josh Petersen
Graduate Student; MAP Coordinator; Spring Colloquium Organizer; Epistemology Working Group Organizer; Knowledge, Information, and Society RIW Organizer
Peter Railton
Gregory S. Kavka Distinguished University Professor; John Stephenson Perrin Professor; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
2247 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Donald Regan
William W. Bishop Jr. Collegiate Professor
343 Hutchins Hall 734.763.0269
Tad Schmaltz
Department Chair; Professor
2231 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Janum Sethi
Associate Professor
2236 Angell Hall 734.763.0763
Joe Shin
Graduate Student; EDGe Organizer, Undergrad Outreach Coordinator
Lawrence Sklar
Carl G. Hempel & William K. Frankena Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
2199 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Laura Soter
Graduate Student; Graduate Student Rep, Ethics Bowl Coordinator
Angela Sun
Graduate Student; Social Chair
Adam Waggoner
Graduate Student; Ethics Bowl Coordinator; Fourth Biannual Alumni Conference Organizer; Mind and Moral Psychology RIW Organizer
Brian Weatherson
Marshall M. Weinberg Professor; Graduate Studies Chair
2207 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Margot Witte
Graduate Student; MAP Coordinator; Spring Colloquium Coordinator
Katie Wong
Graduate Student; EDGe Organizer; ADG Organizer
Elise Woodard
Graduate Student; RGFP Organizer; Social Philosophy Workshop Organizer; Wellness Facilitator
Sophia Wushanley
Graduate Student; Women's Coffee Coordinator
Lianghua (Glenn) Zhou
Graduate Student; Alumni Conference Organizer; MAP Coordinator; GSWG Organizer; Nonwestern Philosophy Reading Group Organizer; Ancient Philosophy Working Group Organizer