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The Philosophy Office is open from 8:00am–5:00pm during the fall and winter term. During the spring and summer term, the office is open from 8:00am–12:00pm and 1:00pm–4:30pm.

Contact Directory

Undergraduate Program —

For questions or issues regarding undergraduate admissions, courses, or advising

Graduate Program —

For questions or issues regarding graduate admissions, courses, or advising

Events and News —

For questions regarding department events or for alumni, current students, and faculty to send announcements

Department Chair —

For department-scale inquiries

Elizabeth Anderson
*On Leave Fall 2019* John Dewey Distinguished University Professor; John Rawls Collegiate Professor; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
2239 AH 734.764.6285
Shelley Anzalone
Executive Assistant
2215 Angell Hall 734-936-4642
David Baker
Associate Professor; Undergrad Studies Chair
2187 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Judith Beck
Undergraduate Coordinator
2215 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Gordon Belot
*On Leave Fall 2019* Lawrence Sklar Collegiate Professor of Philosophy
2227 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Kevin Blackwell
Graduate Student; Ethics Bowl Committee
Linda A.W. Brakel
Research Associate
2101 Commonwealth Ste B SPC 5722 734.936.8703
Sarah Buss
2235 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Kelly Campbell
Chief Administrator
2215 Angell Hall 734-647-4006
Victor Caston
*On Sabbatical Fall 2019* Professor
2203 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Mercedes Corredor
Graduate Student; MAP Coordinator; MAP and COMPASS Facilitator; Spring Colloquium Organizer; Outreach Coordinator
Kevin Craven
Graduate Student; GSWG Coordinator
Stephen Darwall
John Dewey Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
Emmalon Davis
LSA Collegiate Fellow
2224 Angell Hall
435 S State St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Guus Duindam
Graduate Student; EDGe Organizer; Undergrad Outreach Coordinator; MMP Organizer
Maegan Fairchild
LSA Collegiate Fellow
2215 Angell Hall 734-764-6285
Allan Gibbard
Richard B. Brandt Distinguished University Professor Emertius
2239 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Gillian Gray
Graduate Student; Graduate Representative; Ethics Bowl Committee; COMPASS Organizer
Emma Hardy
Graduate Student; MMP Organizer; COMPASS Organizer; Social Chair; Wellness Facilitator; Admissions Committee
Johann Hariman
Graduate Student; Wellness Facilitator
Zaccheus D. Harmon
LEO Lecturer I
2250 Angell Hall
435 S. State St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Rebecca Harrison
Graduate Student; Admissions Committee; Outreach Coordinator; Spring Colloquium Organizer
Daniel Herwitz
Frederick G. L. Huetwell Professor
435 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Jesse Holloway
Graduate Student; Philosophy with Kids Coordinator; Tanner Library Committee
Josh Hunt
Graduate Student; FOMP Organizer; Philosophy with Kids Coordinator
James Joyce
*On Sabbatical Fall 2019* C. H. Langford Collegiate Professor of Philosophy
2223 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Alice Kelley
Graduate Student; Graduate Student Representative to the Rackham Forum
Gary Krenz
Bentley Historical Library, 1150 Beal Avenue 734.764.3639
AJ Kuhr
Graduate Student; Graduate Studies Committee Representative; FOMP Organizer; Philosophy with Kids Coordinator
Mika LaVaque-Manty
Arthur F. Thurnau Associate Professor
7640 Haven Hall 734.615.9142
Eli Lichtenstein
Graduate Student; MAP and COMPASS Facilitator
Louis Loeb
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Emeritus
Daniel Lowe
LEO Lecturer I
2215 Angell Hall 734-764-6285
Eduardo Martinez
Graduate Student; Social Philosophy Workshop Organizer
George Mashour
Adjunct Research Associate
1H247 University Hospital SPC 5048 734.936.4280
Carson Maynard
Graduate Coordinator
Cameron McCulloch
Graduate Student; Normativity Workshop Organizer
Calum McNamara
Graduate Student; Admissions Committee
Gabe Mendlow
Professor of Law
337 Hutchins Hall
Brendan Mooney
Graduate Student; MAP and COMPASS Facilitator
Sherice Ngaserin Ng Jing Ya
Graduate Student; GSWG Coordinator
Chris Nicholson
Graduate Student; Ethics Bowl Committee; Undergrad Outreach Coordinator
Simon Nyi
Events and Communications Coordinator
2215 Angell Hall 734-647-9596
Sonya Özbey
Assistant Professor of Chinese Philosophy
6139 STB
202 S Thayer St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1608
Sumeet Patwardhan
Graduate Student; MAP and COMPASS Facilitator; COMPASS Organizer; RGFP Organizer
Caroline Perry
Graduate Student; Ethics Bowl Coordinator
Ariana Peruzzi
Graduate Student; Admissions Committee; MAP Coordinator; ADG Organizer; COMPASS Organizer
Peter Railton
*On Sabbatical Fall 2019* Gregory S. Kavka Distinguished University Professor; John Stephenson Perrin Professor; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Graduate Admissions Chair
2247 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Donald Regan
William W. Bishop Jr. Collegiate Professor
343 Hutchins Hall 734.763.0269
Laura Ruetsche
*On Leave Fall 2019* Louis Loeb Collegiate Professor
2255 AH 734.764.6285
Tad Schmaltz
Department Chair; Professor
2215 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Janum Sethi
Assistant Professor
2236 Angell Hall 734.763.0763
Joseph Shin
Graduate Student; Dept. Colloquium Coordinator; Undergrad Outreach Coordinator
Lawrence Sklar
Carl G. Hempel & William K. Frankena Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
2199 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Laura Soter
Graduate Student; GEO Steward; Ethics Bowl Committee; MMP Organizer
Alvaro Sottil de Aguinaga
Graduate Student; GSWG Coordinator; Social Chair; MAP and COMPASS Facilitator; Normativity Workshop Organizer
Angela Sun
Graduate Student; Graduate Rep; GEO Steward; Ethics Bowl Committee; ADG Organizer; COMPASS Organizer
Van Tu
Graduate Student; Admissions Committee
Brian Weatherson
Marshall M. Weinberg Professor; Graduate Studies Chair
2207 Angell Hall 734.764.6285
Katie Wong
Graduate Student; EDGe Organizer; ADG Organizer
Elise Woodard
Graduate Student; RGFP Organizer; Social Philosophy Workshop Organizer; Wellness Facilitator
Lianghua (Glenn) Zhou
Graduate Student; APWG Organizer