Students, staff, and faculty met at the end of the term to celebrate the close of another year for the department. While enjoying Zingerman's Catering at their Greyline location, the faculty honored five graduate students with awards for their contrubutions to the study of philosophy and the depratment.

The Stevenson Prize was awarded to Angela Sun. The Department awards the Charles L. Stevenson Prize, for excellence in a dossier. The prize is awarded near the close of the Winter Term. To be eligible for consideration, a student must have already achieved candidacy. The Department automatically considers all eligible students for the Stevenson Prize. Angela's dossier shows a masterful understanding of the study of Philosophy. Angela was also a recipient of the Outstanding GSI Award earlier this year.

The SPLICE was given to Laura Soter this year. In recogition of the high importance that the University of Michigan Department of Philosophy places on its community value, the Special Prize for Leadership in Co-Curricular Enrichment (SPLICE) was established in the 2018–19 academic year. This award recognizes graduate students who have made outstanding contributions to cocurricular efforts—COMPASS, graduate student-initiated and organized conferences, departmental reading/working groups, RIWs, community engagment—that benefit our department, our institution, our community, and our discipline. Laura is involved in several philosophy groups and has made great contributions to the ethics bowl program. 

The departmental DEI Prize was given to both Sumeet Patwardhan and Ariana Peruzzi for their engagement with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. They both regularly advance DEI within the deparment, the unversity, and the study of philosophy as a whole. 

The Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching was given to Callum McNamara and the John Dewey Prize for Excellence in Teaching was given to Rebecca Harrison. Both students have shown tremendous care and craft in their engagement with faculty and undergraduates while serving as GSIs. They foster interest and thoughtful engagement with the material and have led students through a tumultuos time in academia. The Department awards the John Dewey Prize, for excellence in teaching as a Graduate Student Instructor. Students must have achieved a record of excellence over more than one term of teaching to be eligible for consideration for this prize, awarded at the close of the Winter Term. The Department automatically considers all eligible students. The Faculty Prize is based on very similar criteria.