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This is a complete record of all students who have graduated in recent years.

For each graduate, we list dissertation title, dissertation advisor, and initial and current position. The following key will be useful in reviewing these records:

(P) = Post-doc or other fellowship

(TT) = Tenure-track or equivalent

(T) = Tenure or equivalent

(V) = visiting assistant professor, assistant professor (non-tenure-track), lecturer, adjunct, or equivalent

(C) = continuing appointment, non-tenure-track


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Steve Schaus is in sub-heading h4

Dissertation Title: Law as Morality is in sub-heading h5
Dissertation Chair(s): Hershovitz

2022 – present: University of Michigan, Law (TT) (normal type)
2020 – 2022: Harvard Law School (P)
2019 – 2020: law clerk, US Court of Appeals (DC Circuit)


Lingxi Chenyang

Dissertation Title: TBD
Dissertation Director(s): Anderson
Current Position: Utah (TT)
Previous  Placement(s):

Guus Duindam

Dissertation Title: TBD
Dissertation Director(s): Buss
Current Position: 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (clerkship)
Previous  Placement(s):

Name: Josh Hunt
Dissertation Title: Symmetry and Reformulation: On Intellectual Progress in Science and Math
Dissertation Director(s): Ruetsche, Belot
Current Position: MIT (P); Syracuse (TT)
Previous  Placement(s):Name: Jonathan Sarnoff
Dissertation Title: TBD
Dissertation Director(s): Mendlow, Weatherson
Current Position: MIT (P); Syracuse (TT)
Previous  Placement(s): Southern District of NewYork (clerkship); 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (clerkship)  
Name: Joe Shin
Dissertation Title: TBD
Dissertation Director(s): Weatherson, Buss
Current Position: Calvin (P)
Previous  Placement(s):Name: Laura Soter
Dissertation Title: TBD
Dissertation Director(s): Railton, Kross
Current Position: Duke (P)
Previous  Placement(s):Name: Angela Sun
Dissertation Title: Essays on Integrated Agency
Dissertation Director(s): Buss 
Current Position: Washington and Lee (TT)
Previous  Placement(s):Name: Elise Woodard
Dissertation Title: Inquiring Further: Essays on Epistemic Normativity
Dissertation Director(s): Weatherson, Moss 
Current Position: MIT (P); Syracuse (TT)     
Previous  Placement(s):

PhD Graduates 2022


Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position
Previous  Placement(s)


Lingxi Chenyang

Mercy Corredor











Utah (TT)

Virginia Tech (TT)






Kevin Craven













Guus Duindam









6th Circuit Court of Appeals (clerkship)





Josh Hunt



Symmetry and Reformulation: On Intellectual Progress in Science and Math



Ruetsche, Belot


Syracuse (TT)





Jonathan Sarnoff


TBD Mendlow, Weatherson
Southern District of NewYork (clerkship)

3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (clerkship)


Joe Shin


TBD Weatherson, Buss Calvin (P)  


Laura Soter


TBD Railton, Kross Duke (P)  


Angela Sun


Essays on Integrated Agency Buss Washington and Lee (TT)  

Elise Woodard


Inquiring Further: Essays on Epistemic Normativity Weatherson, Moss MIT (P)
Syracuse (TT)

PhD Graduates 2020


Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position
Previous  Placement(s)


Kevin Blackwell



Temporally Continuous Probability Kinematics






Bristol (P)






Ian Fishback



Method and
the Morality of War






Lund (P)




Eduardo Martinez



Evaluation and Improvement: A Set of Standards for Citizens and Democratic



Anderson / Darby



University of Cincinnati (TT)





Van Tu



on Practical Rationality: Deliberation, Preference Ranking, and the Imperfect
Decision-Making of Women





Bowdoin (V)




PhD Graduates 2019


Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position
Previous  Placement(s)


Sydney Keough



Self-Understanding and Narrative Explanation






St Norbert College (TT)






Eli Lichtenstein



Force and Objectivity: On Impact, Form, and Receptivity to Nature in Science and Art



Belot / Herwitz



Edinburgh (V)


Michigan (C)


Filipa Melo Lopes



Recognizing Social Subjects: Gender, Disability and Social Standing






Edinburgh (TT)





Steve Schaus



Law as Morality





University of Michigan Law (TT)


law clerk, US Court of Appeals (DC Circuit)

Harvard Law School (P)



Nick Serafin



Equality, Status, and Identity in American Constitutional Law





Santa Clara Law School (TT)





Umer Shaikh



Aristotle's Theory of Causal Powers






Rice (V)






PhD Graduates 2018

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position
Previous  Placement(s)


Sara Aronowitz



Rational Structures in Learning and Memory






Toronto (TT)



Arizona (TT)
Princeton (P)



Mara Bollard



What Makes an Emotion Moral?






Michigan, Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science (Associate Director, C)


Amherst (V)


Kimberly Chuang



An Account of Contributive Justice



Anderson / Railton



Michigan (V)





Anna Edmonds



Epistemic Norms and the Normativity of Belief



Lasonen-Aarnio / Railton


Michigan (C)





Zoë Johnson King



Trying to Act Rightly






Harvard (TT)






Shai Madjar



Emotional Assessment and Emotional Regulation






Studying medicine (Michigan)




Cat Saint Croix



Non-Ideal Epistemology in a Social World



Lasonen-Aarnio / Weatherson



Minnesota (TT)


Minnesota (P)

PhD Graduates 2017

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position Previous Placement(s)


Boris Babic



Foundations of Epistemic Risk



Toronto (TT)

INSEAD Paris/Singapore (TT)
Cal Tech (P)


Annette Bryson



Non-Inflationary Realism about Morality: Language, Metaphysics, and Truth


Buss / Gibbard

John Cabot (V)

Notre Dame (P)    


Daniel Drucker



Attitudes Beyond Belief: A Theory of Rational Non-Doxastic Attitude Formation and Evaluation





UT-Austin (TT)

Helsinki (P)


Patrick Shirreff



What We Can Do With Words: Essays on the Relationship between Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Theorizing






Tartu (P)




Nina Windgätter



A Socially Constructive Social Contract



New Hampshire (C)


PhD Graduates 2016

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position Previous Placement(s)


Paul Boswell



Affect, Representation, and the Standards of Practical Reason



Buss / Railton



Studying law (Chicago)



Université de Montréal (P)



Nils-Hennes Stear



Problems to Appreciate: Aesthetics, Ethics, and the Imagination



Jacobson / Walton



University of Southhampton






Jeremy Lent



Knowing by Example: A Social-Cognitive Approach to Epistemology



Anderson / Joyce



Yale (P)




Rohan Sud



Vagueness in a Precise World: Essays on Metaphysical Vagueness



Manley / Weatherson



Virginia Tech (TT)



Ryerson (TT)
Bates College (P)



Damian Wassel



Multiple Objective Decision Making






Vault Comics



PhD Graduates 2015

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position Previous Placement(s)


Chloe Armstrong



Modality in Leibniz’s Philosophy






Lawrence University (TT)




Charles Sebens



Locating Oneself in a Quantum World



Baker / Ruetsche



California Institute of Technology (TT)




University of California, San Diego (TT)


California Institute of Technology (P)




Will Thomas



How and Why the Criminal Law Should Punish Coporations






Michigan, Ross School of Business (TT)



practiced law, Harvard Law School (P)



Robin Zheng



A Justice-Oriented Account of Moral Responsibility for Implicit Bias






Yale-NUS (TT)



University of Cambridge (P)



PhD Graduates 2014

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position
Previous  Placement(s)


Dimitri Gallow



The Emergence of Causation






Australian Catholic University (P)



University of Pittsburgh (TT)




Warren Herold



Perspective Taking and Moral Evaluation: Themes from Adam Smith






University of Arkansas (TT)




Ira Lindsay



A Humean Theory of Property Rights






Surrey, School of Law (TT)



Dartmouth (P)



Stephen Nayak-Young



Towards a Just Work Law: Exit Options, Relationships, and Regulation






JLG Lawyers



San Francisco State (V)




Bryan Parkhurst



Sound's Arguments: Philosophical Encounters with Music Theory



Walton / Satyendra



Oberlin, Music Theory (TT)



South Florida School of Music (V)

Columbia, Music (P)



Adam Rigoni



Legal Rules, Legal Reasoning, and Non-monotonic Logic






Arizona State University (C)




Jonathan Shaheen



Meaning and Explanation






Ghent (P)



Uppsala (P)

Ghent (P)

Oberlin (P)


PhD Graduates 2013

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current Position Previous Placement(s)


Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman



The Duty to Miscegenate






Bristol, Sociology (V)



Birmingham City University (V)

Oxford (V)

University College London (P)



William Dunaway



Realism and Fundamentality in Ethics and Elsewhere






University of Missouri-St Louis (TT)



Oxford (P)



Jason Konek



New Foundation for Imprecise Bayesianism






Bristol (TT)



Kent (TT)

Kansas State (TT)

Bristol (P)



Daniel Peterson



Prospects for a New Account of Time Reversal






Mind Bubble



Morehouse (V)

Georgia State College (V)

Georgia Highlands College (V)

Berry College (V)



Alex Silk



What Normative Terms Mean and Why It Matters for Ethical Theory



Gibbard / Railton



University of Birmingham (TT)



PhD Graduates 2012

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Current
Previous Placement


Stephen Campbell



Prudential Value and the Appealing Life






Bentley University (TT)



University of Pennsylvania Medical School (P)

Coe College (P)



Neil Mehta



A Subjective Representationalist Approach to Phenomenal Experience



Lormand / Egan



Yales-NUS College (TT)




Sven Nyholm



On the Universal Law and Humanity Formulas



Anderson / Buss



Utrecht (TT)



Eindhoven University of Technology (TT)

University of Cologne (TT)



Dan Singer



Doxastic Normativity






University of Pennsylvania (TT)



PhD Graduates 2011

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Previous
Current Position


Nate Charlow



Practical Language: Its Meaning and Use







University of Toronto (TT)



Lina Jansson



Explanation and Dependence






Nanyang Technological University (TT)



University of Nottingham (TT)



Shen-yi Liao



On Morals, Fictions, and Genres






Leeds (P)

Nanyang Technological University (TT)

Kansas State University (V)



University of Puget Sound (TT)



Ian McCready-Flora



Belief and Rational Cognition in Aristotle






Saint Louis University (TT)

Columbia Society of Fellows (P)



Virginia (TT)



Alexandra Plakias



The Good and the Gross: Essays in Metaethics and Moral Psychology






Rutgers University (V)

Aberdeen, Northern Institute of Philosophy (P)


Hamilton College (TT)



Dustin Tucker



Propositions and Paradoxes






Texas Tech (V)



Colorado State University (TT)



David Wiens



Engineering Global Justice: Achieving Success Through Failure Analysis






Australian National University (P)



University of California-San Diego (TT) (Political Science)



PhD Graduates 2010

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Previous
Current Position
Kevin Coffey Methodology, Reformulation, and Underdetermination: Essays on Realism and Interpretation in Foundational Physics Belot
Texas Tech (V)
Virginia Tech (V)
NYU Abu Dhabi (TT)
Eduardo Garcia-Ramirez Proper Names: A Cognitive - Philosophical Study Swanson   Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (TT)
Elizabeth Goodnick The Role of Naturalistic Explanation in Hume's Critique of Religious Belief Loeb Illinois Wesleyan (V)
University of Washington (V)
Notre Dame (P)
University of Oklahoma (V)
Metropolitan State University Denver (TT)
Marie Jayasekera The Will in Descartes' Thought Curley Colgate (TT) Colgate (TT)
Ivan Mayerhofer Talk about Coming into Existence Thomason

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (V)

Colorado College (V)

Teaching high school
David Plunkett Locating Practical Normativity Gibbard
UCLA, Law & Philosophy (P) Dartmouth (TT)
Amanda Roth Ethical Inquiry as Problem-Resolution: Objectivity, Progress, and Deliberation Anderson

Michigan, Ford School of Government (P)

Bowling Green (V)


SUNY Geneseo (TT)


Lei Zhong A Non-Reductive Naturalist Approach to Moral Explanation Railton

Lingnan University (TT)

Peking University (TT)

Chinese University of Hong Kong (TT)


PhD Graduates 2009

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Initial
Current Position
Aaron Bronfman                                                                                 Coping with Imperfection Joyce
University of Nebraska (TT) University of Nebraska (TT)
Josh Brown From Semantics to Metaphysics Gillies
University of Houston (TT) Gustavus Adolphus College (TT)
Vanessa Carbonell Moral Saints Reconsidered Anderson
University of Cincinnati (TT) University of Cincinnati, Obed J. Wilson Professor of Ethics (TT)
David Dick Ethics and the Possibility of Failure: Getting It Right about Getting It Wrong Railton University of Calgary, Chair of Business Ethics (V) University of Calgary (TT)
Alexa Forrester Considering the Options: The Purpose and Authority of Practical Deliberation Anderson Franklin & Marshall (P)
Portland Community College (V)
Santa Rosa Junior College (TT)
Dustin Locke Quidditism Joyce Claremont McKenna College (TT) Claremont McKenna College (TT)
Eleni Manis Distributive Justice for Democracies: A Needs-Based Sufficientarian Approach Anderson Franklin & Marshall (TT) Left the Profession
Howard Nye Ethics, Fitting Attitudes, and Practical Reason: A Theory of Normative Facts Gibbard
University of Alberta (TT) University of Alberta (TT)
Tim Sundell Conflict and Content Gillies
Northwestern (P) University of Kentucky (TT)


PhD Graduates 2008

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Initial
Current Position
Matthew E. Silverstein                               Normative Authority and the Foundations of Ethics Railton Amherst (P) New York University–Abu Dhabi (TT)
Jim Staihar A Restorative Signaling Theory of Punitive Desert Anderson SUNY Polytechnic Institute (TT) University of Chicago, Law & Philosophy (P)
University of Maryland, School of Business (TT)

Princeton, Law & Public Affairs (P)
Erica Lucas Stonestreet Self-Creating Reasons: The Normative Implications of Identity Darwall College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University (V) College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University (TT)
Gabriel Zamosc–Regueros An Interpretation of the Ideals of Sovereignty, Wholeness, and Becoming What One Is in Nietzsche's Practical Philosophy Darwall University of Colorado–Denver (TT) University of Colorado–Denver (TT)


PhD Graduates 2007

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Initial
Current Position
Christopher Dodsworth A Theory of Moral Obligation Anderson University of Michigan (P) Spring Hill College (TT)
Soraya Gollop Beyond Simple Desire: How Desires Can be More or Less Stable, and Why This Matters in Rational Deliberation Joyce Southern Methodist University (TT) Southern Methodist University (TT)
Rob Gressis Kant's Theory of Evil: An Interpretation and Defense Darwall Notre Dame (P) Cal State Northridge (TT)
Alex Hughes Seeing and Experiencing: The Revelation of Particulars in Visual Experience Lormand
State University of Denver (V)
Illinois Wesleyan University (V)

Notre Dame (V)
Patrick Lewtas Panpsychism: An Exploration and Defense Lormand
American University of Beirut (TT) American University of Beirut (TT)


PhD Graduates 2006

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Initial
Current Position
Remy Debes Empathic Justification: The Value of Interpersonal Viewpoints and Affective Unity in the Normative Assessment of Emotion Darwall
University of Memphis (TT) University of Memphis (TT)
Hanna Kim Context, Compositionality, and the Myth of Metaphor Ludlow
Washington & Jefferson (TT) Washington & Jefferson (TT)
Carole Lee Methodological Rationalism and Psychology Anderson
Mount Holyoke (TT) University of Washington (TT)


PhD Graduates 2005

Name Dissertation Title Dissertation Director(s) Initial
Current Position
Steven Daskal Rebuilding Society from the Ground Up: Contextual Justice, Fellow Citizenship, and U.S. Welfare Policy Darwall /
Virginia Tech (TT) Northern Illinois University (TT)
Christie Hartley Justice for All: Constructing an Inclusive Contractualism Anderson Georgia State (TT) Georgia State (TT)


PhD Graduates pre-2005

Robin Bradley Kar
, Legal Parallelism (2004)
      2003-2004: *Loyola Law School of Los Angeles (TT)
     March 2010: Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy and the Thomas Mengler Faculty Scholar, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

Gerhard Nuffer, Information, Belief, and Possibility (2004)
      2004-2005: Michigan (Visiting)
      2005-2007: Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2-yr visiting)
      2007-2009: Reed College (2-yr visiting)
      2009-2010: Reed College (Visiting)

Stephen Petersen, Belief-Desire Coherence (2003)
      2004-2005: *Kalamazoo (2 year Teaching Post-Doc)
      2005-2006  *Niagara University (TT)
      March 2010: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Niagra University

James Bell,
The Relevance of Skepticism (2003)
      2002-2003: *Oberlin (2 year Teaching Post-Doc)

Bruce Lacey, Cognitive Content and Communication (2004)
      2003-2004: *University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Visiting)
      2004-2005: *University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Visiting)

Kevin Toh, Essays on Normativity and Describability of Law (2003)
       2003-2004: *Indiana (TT)
      March 2010: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Austin
       2010-2016: *San Francisco State University (TT)
       2016-2019: University College London (TT)

Charles Goodman
, Ancient Dharmas, Modern Debates: Towards an Analytic Philosophy of Buddhism (2002)
      2001-2002: *Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Visiting 1-3 years)
      2002-2003: *SUNY Binghamton (TT)
      March 2010: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, SUNY Binghamton

Robert Mabrito, Studies in Disagreement and Inconsistency (2002)
      2001-2002: *Tufts (1 year)
      2002-2003: *Arizona State 
      2003-2004: *Arizona State (1 additional year)   
      2004-2005: *North Carolina State University (TT)
      March 2010: Assistant Professor of Philosophy at NCSU

Kathleen McShane, The Nature of Value: An Environmentalist Challenge to Ethical Theory   (2002)
      2001-2002: *Kennedy School  Harvard (Post-doc 1 year)
      2002-2003: *North Carolina State (TT) [begin in 2003]
      2007-2008:  *Colorado State University
      November 2014: Associate Professor of Philosophy, CSU

Blain Neufeld, Civic Respect and Political Plural Subjects (2002)
      2001-2005: *Stanford (1 - 3 years)
      2004-2005: *Trinity College, Dublin (3 years)
      2007-2008:  *University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
      November 2014: Associate Professor of Philosophy, UW-M

Greg Sax, Toward Theory of High-Grade Representation: A Taxonomy of Content Types(1999)
      2001-2002: *Michigan (Visiting)
      2002-2003: *Michigan (Visiting)
      2003-2004: *Michigan (Visiting)
      2004-2005: *Michigan (Lecturer)
      2010: Michigan (Lecturer)
      2020: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Lecturer)

Rivka Weinberg, Procreative Justice: A Contractualist Approach (2001)
      2001-2002: *Brooklyn  (Visiting 1 year)
      2002-2003: *Scripps (TT)
     March 2010: Associate Professor of Philosophy, Scripps

Nishiten Shah
, Thinking Through Belief (2001)
      2000-2001: *Amherst (TT)
     March 2010: Associate Professor and Chair, Amherst

Gregory Walski, Descartes's Doctrine of the Creation of Eternal Truths (2001)
      2000-2001: *University of  San Diego (Visiting 3 years)

Andrea Westlund, Selflessness and Responsibility for Self: The Implications of Deference for Autonomy, Shared Agency, and Love (2001)
      2000-2003: *Pittsburgh (TT), Oberlin (TT),
                          University of Alberta (Post-doc)
      2003-2018: *Wisconsin, Milwaukee (TT)
      2012-2013: Northwestern University (Visiting 1 year)
      November 2014: Associate Professor of Philosophy & Women Studies, UW-Milwaukee
      2018-2019: Florida State University (TT)

Karen Bennett
, Keeping Modality in Mind: A Defense of Token Identity (2000)
      1999-2000: *Australian National (Fellowship),
                          Pomona, USC, Florida, Arizona State
                          University of Texas, Austin (all TT)
      2000-2007: Princeton (TT)
      2007-2018: Cornell (TT)
      2018-2019: Rutgers University (TT)

Craig Duncan Equality for Infidels: The Moral Foundations of
Modern Liberalism
      2000-2001: *Michigan (Visiting)
      2001-2002: *Ithaca College (3 year initially)
      November 2014: Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Ithaca College

Nadeem Hussain,Creating Values: Appropriating Nietzsche for a Fictionalist Theory of Value (1999)
      1999-2000: *Stanford, Pittsburgh, Wellesley (all TT)
       March 2010: Associate Professor of Philosophy, Stanford

Samuel Ruhmkorff, The Reliability of Inference to the Best Explanation (2001)
      2000-2001: *Missouri (Visiting)
      2001-2002: *Simon's Rock (TT)
      November 14: Associate Professor of Philosophy at Simon's Rock College

Richard Schoonhoven, Explaining Causation: Toward a Humean Theory of Scientific  Explanation and Causation (2000)
      2000-2001: *West Point Academy,
                          California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo (all TT)
      March 2010: Associate Professor of Philosophy, West Point Academy

Peter Vranas, Respect for Persons: An Epistemic and Pragmatic Investigation (2001)
     2001-2002: *Iowa State (TT),
                        California Institute of Technology (Fellowship)
     November 2014: Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

James Woodbridge, Truth as a Pretense: A Deflationary Account of Truth-Talk (2001)
      2000-2001: *William and Mary (Visiting)
      2001-2002: *William and Mary (Visiting)
      2002-2003: *William and Mary (Visiting)
      2003-2004: *University of Michigan (Visiting)
      2004-2005: *Yale (Visiting), Bilkent University, Turkey (TT)
      2005-2006: *University of Nevada, Las Vegas (TT),
                         Texas Tech (TT)
      November 2014: Associate Professor, UNLV

Marc Alspector-Kelly
, In the Philosophical Vein: Carnap's (and Quine's) Views on Ontology (1999)
      1998-1999: *Toronto (Two year visiting, 2nd year declined)
      1999-2000:  Michigan (visiting)
      2000-2001: *Western Michigan (TT), Western Ontario (TT)
     March 2010: Associate Professor of Philosophy, Western Michigan University

Jeffrey Brand-Ballard, Sharing Fate: Contractualism, Individualism, and Collective Agency (1999)
      1999-2000: *Wisconsin, Eau Claire (TT)
      2001-2002: *George Washington (TT)
     November 2014: Associate Professor at George Washington University and Affiliated Faculty at the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration GWU

Jeanine Diller, The Content and Coherence of Theism (2000)
      1999-2000: *Seattle Pacific (Visiting)
      2000-2001: *Hope (Visiting)
      2009-2010: *University of Toledo (TT)
     November 2014: Assistant Professor Philosophy and Religions, University of Toledo

Edward Hinchman, Trust and Reason (2000)
     1999-2000: *Kenyon (2-year Visiting)
     2001-2002: *Claremont McKenna, Southern Methodist, Kansas (all TT)
     2003-2018: *Wisconsin, Milwaukee (TT)
     2018-2019: Florida State University (TT)

Jeffrey Kasser, Peirce, Psychologism, and the Doubt-Belief Theory
of  Inquiry
      1997-1998: *Colby
      2007-2008: (Teaching Assistant Professor, North Carolina State);
      2007-2008:  *Visiting Assistant Professor (multi-year), Colorado State
      March 2010: Colorado State University

Krista Lawlor, Cognitive Policies: Reidentifying Objects of Thought (1999)
      1998-1999: *Stanford (TT)
      March 2010: Associate Professor and Nina C. Crocker Faculty Scholar in Humanities and Sciences, Stanford

Laura Schroeter, Making Sense: The Epistemology of Semantic Externalism (1999)
      1998-1999: *Michigan (Visiting)
      1999-2000: *Australian National (Fellowship, 3-year)
      2003-2004: *Monash University (ARC Research Fellow) (NTT)
      March 2010: Australian Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

John Devlin
, Truth, Modality, and Ontology (1999)
      1997-1998: *Arizona State (TT), Wellesley (TT)
      2010-2012: Lecturer, Arizona State University
       2011-2019: Northern Arizona University

Mika LaVaque-Manty, No Secret Agents: A Liberal Theory of Political Action (1998)
      1997-1998: *University of Washington (Politics) (TT)
      2000-2001: *Michigan (Political Science) (TT)
      March 2010: Associate Professor, Political Science and by courtesy, of Philosophy, Michigan 

Stephen Schulz, Studies in Humeanism (1998)
      1997-1998: *Michigan (Visiting)
      1998-2001: *Cycorp (not an academic job, but advertised for a

Jitendra Subramanyam, Determinism and Indeterminism in the Quantum Realm (1998)
      March 2010: Director of Product Strategy and Research, CAST Inc., New York City

Michael Weber, Satisficing: The Rationality of Preferring What is Good Enough (1998)
      1997-1998: *Yale (TT), Central Michigan (TT)
     March 2010: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Bowling Green State University

John Doris
, People Like Us: Morality, Psychology, and the Fragmentation of Character (1996)
      1996-1997: Annapolis (TT), Michigan (Visiting)
      1997-1998: *University of California Santa Cruz (TT)
      2004-2005: Washington University
     November 14: Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

Manyul Im, Emotion and Ethical Theory in Mencius (1997)
      1996-1997: *California State, Los Angeles (TT)
      1999-2000: *Oklahoma (TT)
      2003-2004:   California State, Los Angeles (TT)
      November 2014: Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences,and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Fairfield University, Fairfield CT.

Christopher Roberson, Godwin Revisited: Anarchism for the Real World (1996)
      1995-1996: *Michigan (Visiting)
      1997-1998: *Loyola of Chicago (Adjunct)
      1997-1998: *Roosevelt (Adjunct)

Justin D'Arms
, Evolution and the Moral Sentiments (1995)
      1994-1995: *Ohio State (TT), Rutgers (TT), Maryland (TT),
                          California Institute of Technology (Post-Doc)
      November 2014: Professor and Department Chair at Ohio State University

Leon F. Porter, Semantic Paradox and the Metaphysics of Truth (1995)

David Sobel, Well-Being and Consequentialism (1997)
      1994-1995: *Bowling Green (Visiting)
      1995-1996: *Bowling Green (TT)
      March 2010: Robert R. Chambers Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and the Moral Science, University of Nebraska
     November 2014:
Irwin and Marjorie Guttag Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Syracuse University

Stephen Angle
, Concepts in Context (1994)
      1993-1994: *Wesleyan (Connecticut) (TT)
      March 2010: Professor, Philosophy; Professor and Chair, East Asian Studies; and Director, Center for East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University

Alexander Miller, Sublimation, Realism, and Rule-Following: An Outline
of a Humanized Platonism
      1993-1994: *Nottingham (England) (TT)
      1996-1999: *Birmingham (England) (TT)
      1999-2002: *Cardiff (Wales) 
      2003-2005: *Macquarie (Australia) (TT)
      2006:          *Birmingham 
      November 2014: Professor of Philosophy at University of Otago

Paul Torek, Something to Look Forward To: Personal Identity Prudence, and Ethics (1995)

Sin Yee Chan
, An Ethic of Loving: Ethical Particularism and the Engaged
Perspective in Confucian Role-Ethics
      1992-1993: *Vermont (TT) , Grand Valley State (TT)
      March 2010: Associate Professor at University of Vermont

Daniel Jacobson, Ethical Perspective: On Narrative Art and Moral Perception (1994)
      1993-1994: *South Carolina (Visiting), U. Rochester (Visiting)
      1994-1995: *Wesleyan  (Connecticut) (Visiting)
      1995-1996: *College of Charleston (TT)
      1999-2000: *Franklin and Marshall (TT)
      2001-2002: *Bowling Green State (TT)
      March 2010: Professor, University of Michigan

Eileen John, Fiction as Conceptual Thought Experiment (1993)
      1992-1993: *Louisville (TT)
      March 2010: Associate Professor, University of Warwick

Brian Leiter, Nietzsche and the Critique of Morality: Philosophical Naturalism in Nietzsche's Theory of Value (1995)
      1992-1993: *San Diego Law School (TT)
      1993-1994: *Rutgers, Arizona (TT)
      1994-1995: *Texas, Austin (TT) (Law School and 
                          Department of Philosophy)
      2000-2001:  Pennsylvania Law (TT)
      March 2010: John P. Wilson Professor of Law and Director, Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values at the University of Chicago

Sigrun Svavarsdottir, Thinking in Moral Terms (1993)
      1992-1993: *NYU, MIT, UC Davis (All TT offers)
      1999-2000: *Ohio State (TT)
      March 2010: Associate Professor and Admissions Chair at Ohio State University
     November 2014: Associate Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University

Jose Zalabardo, Content and Objectivity (1994)
      1993-1994: *Birmingham (England) (TT), Kansas State (TT)
      2000-2001: *University College, London (TT)
      March 2010: Professor of Philosophy, Head of Department of Philosophy at University College, London

Stephan Burton,
Aesthetic Sensualism Defended (1992)
      1991-1992: *Indiana (Visiting)
      1992-1993: *Michigan (Visiting)
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      1999-2000: *Department of Clinical Bioethics, 
                          NIH (Intramural Research Fellow)

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      November 2014: Professor at the University of Portland

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      November 2014: Professor of Philosophy at Kenyon College

David Anderson
, Reconstructing the Justice Dispute in America (1990)
      1990-1991: *College of Charleston (Visiting)
      1991-1992: *Cincinnati (Visiting)
      1994-1995: *Geo. Wash. U, Grad. Sch. Political Mngmnt (NTT)
      November 2014: Associate Research Professor; Senior Vice President, Government and Strategic Initiatives at The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars at the George Washington University: The Graduate School of Political Management

Heidi Feldman, Legal Judgments, Thick Concepts, and Objectivity (1993)
      1990-1991: *Michigan Law School (TT)
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      1990-1991: *Michigan (TT) , Ohio State (TT),
                         Virginia Commonwealth University (TT),
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      1990-1991: *Vermont (TT), Brown (TT),
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      March 2010: Associate Professor and Director, John Dewey Honors Program for University of Vermont College of Arts and Sciences

Lee McIntyreProblems in the Philosophy of Social Science (1991)
      1990-1991: *Boston University (Fellowship, 2-years)
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Darryl Wright, Refuting Idealism (1991)
      1990-1991: *Harvey Mudd (TT)
      November 2014: Professor of Philosophy at Harvey Mudd College