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PCAP's undergraduate courses train students to facilitate creative arts workshops in state prisons, youth detention and treatment centers, and prison reentry programs. Graduate students may also enroll in some courses. Contact PCAP at for more information.

Fall 2021

RCORE 334.002/ENS 451 - Special Topics: Out of the Blue Choir

Out of the Blue is an auditioned outreach choral ensemble that partners with the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP), UM alumni and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to bring choral concerts and workshops to prisons, juvenile detention centers and re-entry homes across Southeast, Michigan.  Comprised of UM students (music and non-music majors), alumni and community members, the singers receive training from the PCAP Office and Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on how to thoughtfully perform music in non-traditional settings as well as enhance their knowledge about the history of the Michigan prison system.

ENGLISH 221.001/RCHUMS 334.010 - Literature and Writing Outside the Classroom

This course will invite students to take part in the ongoing scholarly conversation surrounding revision, and to examine the revision processes of writers at various levels of skill. On the further assumption that you never know a thing half as well as when you are forced to teach it to someone else, this course will also invite students to guide others in the act of revision. To do so, the course will partner with the Prison Creative Arts Project's Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing, a yearly anthology of work by inmates in Michigan prisons. This journal, produced by students and community volunteers, offers concrete and individualized feedback to each of the hundreds of writers whose work is rejected each year; students will have the opportunity to exemplify and complete their learning in this course by taking on a few such rejected manuscripts themselves.

Course Requirements:

Students can expect to read 20-30 pages per week, to draft and revise two pieces of writing, to revise one older piece of writing (which you consider the best work you've ever done), to write several smaller revision memos addressed to would-be MRPCW contributors, and to confer regularly on each others' writing (which will develop their abilities as readers and self-revisers).

Instructor: Phil Christman

THTREMUS 334/RCHUMS 332.001 - The Atonement Project

The Atonement Project seeks to begin community dialogues around issues of reconciliation, atonement, and healing after suffering the harm caused by crime and incarceration. Students will conduct arts workshops in the genre of their choosing in prisons, juvenile facilities, and community settings.

Instructor: Ashley Lucas

Consent: With permission of instructor. Email Ashley Lucas to schedule an appointment.


Winter 2022

THTREMUS 335/RCHUMS 335 - Theatre and Incarceration

Artistic practice in prisons has occurred since the inception of prisons themselves, though popular thought tends not to connect the idea of the arts with that of criminal justice systems. This course surveys the history of performance in prisons through the examination of plays written by and about incarcerated people as well as narratives which chronicle the process of creating theatre in prisons. The course also interrogates various strategies for creating performances in prisons, questioning the utility and goals of each process of creation and seeking to identify those which are most sustainable and which best serve participants in the process.  Students will use some of these strategies in practice as they facilitate correspondence theatre workshops in prisons.

Instructor permission required. Email for more information or to receive an override to enroll in the course.