PCAP Associates Highlight Series

This Fall we will feature past members and share stories about their experiences with PCAP, where they are now, and how our project has influenced your lives.
by Sophie Gibson

Juhi Katta

2019 University of Michigan graduate, Juhi Katta, just started medical school at the University of Ohio this fall. After her time at school, she worked as a healthcare consultant at Huron Consulting Group. “PCAP was the best decision I've ever made,” she said. “Having gone to private school my whole life and living in a very privileged area, I did not understand what it is like to be part of a group where you are likely to be incarcerated simply because of circumstances.”

While in PCAP

During her time as an undergraduate, Katta worked with PCAP for three years and "learned a lot about incarceration and the racial biases that are woven into our criminal justice system." These issues are especially prominent, she said, given the current climate in the United States surrounding the black lives matter protests, and spreading awareness of how the country's criminal justice system polices nonwhite lives.

Katta contributed most of her time with PCAP as a visual arts workshop facilitator with the Wayne County Youth Detention Center. “It was through PCAP that I began to fully understand my passions for healthcare and its importance in our society”, she said.

PCAP Impact 

“After seeing firsthand the extent at which the people inside correctional facilities did not have access to health care rights, it became a big reason I decided to pursue medical school,” Katta said. “I wanted to personally do something about the socioeconomic disparities in the healthcare system.” 

Release Date: 10/23/2020
Tags: Prison Creative Arts Project