Michigan Art for Justice Forum

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Rogel Ballroom, Michigan Union

In a collaboration with California Lawyers for the Arts, Shakespeare Behind Bars, and Creative Many that is funded by the Art for Justice Fund, we are hosting the Michigan Art for Justice Forum. This all day symposium will bring together lawmakers, artists, scholars, justice advocates and formerly-incarcerated people to imagine how the arts can contribute to reforming the criminal justice system. This event is part of a series of six public policy forums happening in 2018 in Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, New York and California. Reception to follow at 5:30 PM in the Duderstadt Center Gallery. 

“Prison does not define who we are as people, but instead reflects poor decisions we have made. I would ask that those who judge us to perhaps look past the blue and orange state clothes we wear, and to try to practice empathy. Please try to understand us. Please try to look past our imperfections and most importantly, try to forgive us. I believe that many inmates struggle with, yet desperately desire to express who they truly are, and the reasons are numerous. Creating art is one avenue I personally use to express myself. All of my paintings reflect either my sadness, my happiness, my dreams, my desires, my passions, or I just find them beautiful. Whatever painting of mine you may be looking at right now, please know that while you are certainly seeing a part of me, there is far more to understand and discover about me beyond the blue and orange I wear." G. Allen 2018 

Please visit the registration site and RSVP by March 23 to attend.

Photo Credit: G. Allen, Crying Inside

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