UPDATE: The benefit auction is being rescheduled for spring 2013.

PCAP Linkage Fellow Cynthia Casey is working to overcome two challenges: a felony record and a disability. A year ago, Cynthia painted on tissue paper instead of canvas. Her studio was the cramped kitchen of her rooming house. Though she lacked space and supplies, Cynthia had a strong belief in herself and her artwork. Cynthia has used that positive energy to transform her life. She is now living in her own apartment, won a fellowship in the PCAP Linkage Project, has joined the entrepreneurship program at Michigan Rehabilitation Services, and is developing a business plan to sell her art.

For many people, that would be enough. But not for Cynthia, who is always looking for a way to bring others up with her. Cynthia is organizing a benefit auction for her church on November 30. Proceeds will go toward a new wheelchair van lift. Cynthia invites other artists to participate who want a new venue to sell their artwork. Artists will earn 60% of each sale. To donate work, contact Cynthia Casey at 313-551-9939.

Christ First Community Church Auction
Friday, November 30, 2012
2-5 pm
Christ First Community Church
16310 Grand River, Detroit MI 48227

Bidding starts at $35 and admission to the event is free. RSVP to Cynthia Casey at 313-551-9939.