If I were a fish what kind of fish would I be? The very question makes me contemplate the welfare of the species.

Where would I fit in? Who would I associate with? Would I be banished to the impoverished, overcrowded accommodations of a fish bowl? Or maybe the bourgeois lifestyle of private lakes, ponds and streams. Nah, I'd probably be cast out into the cold jungle waters of the ocean.

There I would swim with my a-alike kind, trying to sift through the turbulence of life's tide. Dodging and eluding the higher 10% of the food chain; the sharks, who seek to feed and survive solely off the blood of us "seemingly" weaker fish. Exploiting our meekness and very existence.
There I would try and convince the bottom feeders and scavengers that they deserve better than to eat of the scraps left on the sea floor.

I'd try to organize all of us "small" fish into being more united. No longer disenfranchised into sects of spotted fish, striped fish, salt water or fresh water fish, sword fish or blow fish. No more of this fishism! Just us fish. United and swimming for a better life.

Rejecting being trapped and captured by fisherman's grand designs of commercial netting. Denouncing the exploitation of slave work by all fish in aquatic theme parks around the world.

Raising up against the genocidal practices of corporate waste dumping and oil tank spills in our precious habitat.

I've never been a fish, but it seems I know a lot about the hardships one must endure and combat in order to survive as a "little" fish in a huge ocean.

If I were a fish, I'd aspire to be one who epitomized the word. F.I.S.H.; forever inspiring social harmony.
This is the kind of fish I would be, both in the water and out.