I sit cold, waiting. Waiting and watching I'm always here. Waiting for the warmth of your pain and rage to warm me up.

I see you when you've yet to see yourself. I speak to you when you believe I'm your imagination, but I'm not. I'm not your imagination or even your image, I'm the image of predecessor oppressors of yore.
Designed and created to be your new mate. Till death do us part if you'll have me. An abusive spouse and tormenting lover, I fill you with a love of me that brings nothing but pain. I feed off of your presence and grow stronger from your commitment.

I sit here cold and waiting. Caressing your psyche until I'm the only one you feel comfortable around. I alone hear your thoughts, share your dreams. I even stand by loyally when your attempt to leave me, walk out, or even escape the grasp of our bond. I know you'll be back. I was created for you. I'm the only stability you've ever known. From the day of my birth I've been groomed to adapt and better accommodate you. Soul mates from the start. A black man's paradise, is what they thought of me at inception. Paradise then, reality now!

Cold and waiting.