I remember learning for the first time that I was of the people from the sun. Learning that I was not only "of" the people, but that I "was" the people and that as an ancient warrior against darkness I won. And now in my gravest hours when I'm feeling weak: and darkness again overshadows and revels in what it ciphers as its peak. Still I shine, and as a reflection attempt to make a stand.

Glowing magnificently against this darkness upright and strong, like a black-fisted hand. But because it outnumbers me and receives me not it attempts to divide me and bring me doom; but she remains clinging there, sweet, subtle, enduring, beloved moon.

And in night's division she multiplies and gives birth to baby justice, who grows and shines in the manner of her heart.

All my children are up there, a whole army of 'em. From one man and one woman, a family of stars. And now today, when this darkness has me down and once again thinks it has won.
It is for the second time I remember learning I am of the people from the sun.