Look me in my face, but what
            Is seen isn't really there,
Hear me speak vividly, never orate timidly,
            Still the truth is heard with despair,
Realize there is no underestimating my power,
            But concede to take part,
Feel the pain and pleasure, yet understand
            This contagious Heart of Hearts,

Keeping the faith in the unseen,
            Still a stray forever,
Watching for what is impossible to see,
            Yet continually thinking, "How clever!",
Hurt for what seems a lifetime,
            But soon the pain ceases,
Growing through the ages unknown,
            With your beliefs in millions of pieces,

Frustrated by what is hated, though
            Time continues to be,
Wishing that all listening, could
            Open their hearts and see,
My love for you is eternal, but
            You must be set free,
Be desperate to despise me not, but
            Within negativity you don't know me,

Simple pleasures are of simpler minds,
            But reality gives no peace,
Infantile minds create a destiny of judgment,
            And with "ME" you will have no feast,
Leave my strength as it is, and
            Speak the truth continually,
Undermined this force at no time, even
            If emitted bilingually,

Creating a conscious atmosphere, yet
            You refuse to consume what I feed,
Undying love for all who bask in my
            Fruits, pass these loins to their seed,
Educated through mass eras of time,
            With frustrated lessons of fear,
Though my healing attempts are endless,
            Lifetimes of agony sparkle in a single tear,

Counting the times you've allowed me to adore
           Another, the total exceeds none,
Whispers of those hated, has created an ill fated,
           Delicacy of eroded time that has never begun,
Cannibalistic dreams, prevents, an easy sense,
           Of self esteem, while time feeds the mind,
Think not of the time that has past, but
           That which will be, and a "TRUE HEART OF HEARTS" you
            Will find.