Peaceful dreams are never always the answer,
             unrest and dissatisfaction bleed
             our self content, our confidence
Keeping our hearts of pure blood, clean
             without impurities fountain
             running continuously,
             Nothing can lead us astray
             of our chosen path, soulful
             rhythms of sanity and harmonies
             of foundated angelic thoughts
Serenity pleases our spirits, but hastens
             our need,
             Pleasures of another attempt an
             excavation of our souls,
Stay where you are, resist the
             falsehood that threatens
             What's yours is yours, but
             may I have "yours" too,
Weep not for no one but sympathize
             with many
             You'll never be a lonely soul
              though the attempt at it is
Take the signs of frustration and live
             with courage,
             The time will come for
             all to fight the greatest battle,
Yourself will know, only one
             way to survive…
Know thyself and strive for "yours,"
             Search for your "Light" for
             this is your only "Escape to Freedom."