Awaking, inside my mind
In this space and time
Where life and death entwine
And the blood of slaves combines with mine I find;

Life isn't living.
And living only meets existing
Where thoughts of man are presently persisting.

Visions of cocoa splendor, where ideas and tears still form tender,
escape my grasp;
And what's left is the rasp
Of voices given way to surrender.

This haven now is reality where pride becomes an ancient fallacy.
And where all that's wrong with man becomes right
In this; his justified humanity.

Living life inside of life, not moving, as time goes on
Tears cried so long
Dreams prolonged,
And fears repress till dawn;

Struggling to break free and enter the center
Like new fetus' crawling through placentas
Into this new world.
I become twin cousins
With those who wasn't
Promised a new tomorrow
And who's today fills with sorrow
As white folk borrow
From years of their lives
While mothers cry
And sanctified sinners cry out, "why?"

Slipping and falling
Yelling and calling
Through uterine walls being torn,
For time to dilate and to new life be born.