Silence in my throat at the realization
of becoming state property:
                                        at what ways and actions had gotten me
             since these wicked parents adopted me

                                     Grown into recognition of my condition
in this monopoly
                                     trying to finally break free
                                     from this disease,
                                     that has wrapped itself around my knees:

Like a wire who now aspires
to flicker its way like a flame
all in the name
of purgatory
up to my neck, with wishes of my life to expire.

Round and round it wraps its twine
with promises of making pain sublime
uniting its own with mine
I dance to the rhythm of its curves
as my soul grows steel nerves
and swing my sword to the chime of its rhyme

I smirk and now laugh as my last times pass
as leaving my parents home signals their defeat
it blares like trumpets in night's air; my will
to succeed once my brass-coated feet are blessed
to meet the street