Life is like an everlasting breeze,
          blowing through "Times" past and
          present…"Is it?" I wonder.
With no abandonment, no cares
         as if tomorrow will never
         be and yesterday never was,
Still "times" change…"Do they?"
         I wonder.
Explanations of nothingness fill our minds,
         as we watch freedom disappear,
         stagnated by society's façade,
         yet we live for the future…
                        "Do we?" I wonder.
Worldly possessions define characters, personalities,
             status, wealth,
             Keeping us grounded by dreams,
             but tomorrow and yesterday are the
             same as today,
             a mirror of days of old, a day
                         beckoning disgust, frustrated
                         with assumptions of what is to be,
                         yet we still survive for the future…
                                       "Can we?" I wonder.
Escape this escapade through dreams,
             before you notice its affect,
             taken abroad by nothing,
             is this anyone's reality of
             the future we so desperately
                          "What are we seeking?"
                           I wonder
Carnal thoughts of a spiritual place
           seeps from our aura,
           yet we are thoughtless,
           drained of all senses, pain, hardships,
           for what "is" has always been,
           what "was" never ceased, "So!"…
             why search for futures? I wonder.