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Om of Medicine Live Stream Event!

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    1. Om of Medicine Live Stream Event!

A fundraising campaign for PCAP 

About this campaign:  The Prison Creative Arts Project's Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners has become one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in its 25-year history. Each year, faculty, staff and students from the University of Michigan travel to correctional facilities across the state and select work for the exhibition and provide feedback and critique that strengthens artist’s work and builds community around art making inside prisons. 

PCAP involves both academic and volunteer based programs at the University of Michigan. Our mission is to bring those impacted by the justice system and the U-M community into artistic collaboration for mutual learning and growth. 

Why donate? 

Donations are necessary to purchase supplies for artist engagement visits in 2021. 

Click here to visit the online preview to see over 700 artworks, hear an audio tour, and write your response to artists in the digital guest book.

Help us raise $2,400 to purchase art supplies for our visits to 26 prisons! Gifts of any size make a difference.

Our Impact

"I can use pretty much all the materials that can hit the garbage can. This way I can help save the landfill and the environment as well. I just keep everything the best I can. This show allows us to get a break from the dreary environment we're in. There is nothing compared to getting mentally free. And mentally, we're not here when we're working for this exhibition." Robert Holliday

"I find it therapeutic to scrub my thoughts, insecurities, hopes, and fears into my pieces. Everything I feel influences what gets created. I hope my art can reach into a person's soul, speaking to an untapped portion of themselves, a part they don't yet have words for." Bryan Picken

"Every second in time that you spend in art is a second in time that you don't spend in the reality that you're living in prison. So it's very therapeutic as well as artistic and creative." Martin Vargas

"I wanted to create something provocative, to start a dialogue about mass incarceration and the lack of richness in anything with the absence of freedom." Steven Haller

“Painting is my escape. I try to give some guidance to all prisoners who have an interest in art, so they can feel this same freedom.” Bruce June

“In here it's more or less we don't have a lot of opportunities… showing off the work that we do in here speaks for us on the outside… by this program being created by Buzz and it's coming this far shows me that people do care, and that’s why I drew this picture of him to show my appreciation.” Lamar Hicks

"I want to make my mom proud. I use art as an attempt to correct the mistakes of the past. I simply hope one day to make it right." Daryl Rattew

“Art is giving me a purpose. Through it, I have been learning how to deal with conflict, that is part of life, in a healthy and productive way,” she said. “Each piece that gets selected gives me hope that someone will be touched by my creations.” Susan Brown

“The arts can teach us love, remorse, empathy and helps us discover mercy, a greater love, inspiration, strength and a way to find our voice.” Matthew Lujan