The U-M Museum of Paleontology is thrilled to welcome Mónica Carvalho as Assistant Curator and Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

Mónica received her B.S. in Biology from Universidad de Antioquia (2009), a M.S. in Geosciences from The Pennsylvania State University (2011) and Ph.D in Plant Biology from Cornell University (2017).   

Her research aims to understand how plants and tropical ecosystems have changed through geologic time. Mónica collects and studies plant fossils in tropical South America, and uses observational and experimental approaches to better understand the paleobiology and evolution of tropical rainforests. Her work documents how interactions between plants and insect herbivores are recorded in leaf damage, form-function relations of leaves, and how acclimation responses of tropical plants to climate change can inform ecosystem function in deep time.

Mónica will be joining the UMMP starting in January of 2023.