University students in the US visited Honkawa Elementary School in Hiroshima City, where about 400 people were killed in the atomic bombings, visited museums using parts of the school buildings at that time, and touched on the actual situation of the atomic bombings... 

Motokawa Elementary School in Naka-ku, Hiroshima City is near the hypocenter, and about 400 children and teachers have been sacrificed, and a part of the A-bombed school building has been released as a Peace Archive. 

On the 15th, he studied leadership at Michigan University in the United States, and eight students and teachers from Hiroshima visited Honkawa Elementary School last week as part of a peace study. 
The group first received the a-bomb in this elementary school, heard the readings of the testimony left by Kiyoko Imori who died at 82 years old three years ago, lost their parents, their brothers, and their classmates by the atomic bomb, and themselves suffered from cancer etc. While living a life of fighting, I listened to the words that I thought “I wish I had to die with my family” many times.

After that, we visited the museum with guidance of Toshiumi Ishida, an A-bomb survivor from Motokawa Elementary School, and a display of one by one, such as a glass bottle melted at high temperature and a burnt monpe, in addition to the model in Hiroshima city at the time of the bombing. While touching the actual situation of the atomic bomb damage. 

And lastly, the group made a peace with a brush, so they shared their feelings for a world without nuclear weapons. 

One of the students who visited the school said, "I was learning about atomic bombing as history, but I actually came to Hiroshima and was shocked. I think all Americans should come to Hiroshima, and the younger generation I want to play a role that will lead to a better future."