The existing endowed Barger Family Professorship has officially been renamed the Richard H. Price
in Organizational Studies, College of Literature, Science, and the
Arts, effective March 1, 2022.

Richard (Rick) Price was the founding director of OS in 2001 and the driving force behind the implementation of the program to the University of Michigan. Rick served as director for 10 years, laying a strong foundation for the future of this interdisciplinary major, ensuring sustainable opportunities for its students, and carrying the spirit of freedom, faculty growth, and curricular expansion. He was also instrumental in launching the Barger Leadership Institute.

David Barger, for whom the professorship was formerly named, one of the co-founders of JetBlue Airways and served as the airline's chief executive officer until 2015. Dave was one of the original members of the Organizational Studies Leadership Committee. He was also the first supporter of study abroad in the program by funding a scholarship to the London School of Economics.